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  • How To Keep Your Luxury Luggage Clean and Beautiful
    This article will show you how to keep your luxury luggage looking like new, from getting rid of scuffs and marks, to cleaning the fuzzy fabric interior. Painstakingly designed using superior craftsmanship and pioneering technologies, luxury luggage is engineered to last for as long as possible. But what about their elegant aesthetics? Will silver aluminium shells and
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  • The Best Luxury Lightweight Suitcases for Christmas Travels
    This article will show you the most luxurious lightweight suitcases this season, perfect for carting your gifts and goodies safely overseas for a chic and stylish Christmas. Image credit: Samsonite Sipping mulled wine, catching up with old friends, munching mince pies in front of crackling fires – Christmas IS the most wonderful time of the year! Travelling around the
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  • Where Are the Most Luxurious Airport Lounges?
    This article will take you through our top luxury Airport Lounges found across the globe, offering guests exquisite dining, stunning locations and first-class experiences the world-over. Image Credit: Star Alliance Picture the scene; you’re escaping the blustery weather of Britain by jetting off to sunnier climes, but gale force winds cause your flight to be delayed. No
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  • Luggage Review: Briggs and Riley vs Tumi
    Briggs and Riley and Tumi are both pioneers when it comes to luggage design, but which brand is best? With many of the products sharing similar benefits, such as top quality design and amazing functionality, it can be tricky to differentiate the pros and cons of each company.   Fret no more! We’ve broken the contest down by luggage category and taken a closer
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  • The Essential Guide: What to Pack for Your Honeymoon
    Honeymoons are the best part of weddings! After the excitement (and stress) of your Big Day, exploring exotic beaches with your loved one is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t ruin it by packing last minute and travelling unprepared! Lucky for you, this article contains some handy tips on what to pack for a honeymoon, as well an essential
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  • Which Cabin Bag Can Take The Most Weight?
    To master the art of short break escapism, one must invest in an ultra-light case that is easy to handle and a breeze to pack. Thank goodness then for our super handy Cabin Luggage Study, which sifts through all the cabin luggage available and highlights important features, such as dimensions, weight, and how many airlines each luggage is accepted on.   Consequently,
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  • Which Luggage Fits on the Most Cabin Holds? Results
    At Global Luggage, each one of us likes to think we’re the ultimate luggage aficionado. Subsequently, we’re always debating what we think makes the very best cabin luggage stand out, so we decided to go one further and, with the help of some frequent flyers, analysed what we believe to be the “most popular” cabin bags to see which one would fit on the most
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  • 5 Pieces of Luggage for 5 Types of Business Trip
    Heading out on an important business trip? Don’t allow your luggage to let you down. Whether you’re embarking on a business weekend away or simply travelling across the city for a creative meeting, a high performing, professional bag that incorporates style, organisation, functionality and comfort is paramount. Source: Marco Verch But how do you choose the right design
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  • Data Viz: Most Travelled Fans of the 2016/17 Champions League
    Away Days Luggage means more than just a few crumpled shirts in a suitcase. It’s what takes us to the far reaches of the earth: our constant companion and storer of memories. But what does travel mean for people? When it comes to the beautiful game, people travel for commitment, pride and a sense of belonging. Athletic competition is a universal language, perhaps only
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