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  • Stay Stylishly Organised with Knomo’s Elektronista Clutch
    Ever noticed how some people just tend to be effortlessly organised and stylish? How do they do it? For a lucky few, staying cool, calm and collected just comes naturally. But don’t lose hope, for the rest of us mere mortals Knomo’s Elektronista Digital 10” Clutch is here to save the day. Sleek and sophisticated on the outside and highly functional on the inside, this
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  • How to Pack a Carry On for a Week
    Ah, how liberating it is to travel cabin luggage only and leave that cumbersome suitcase at home. Not only is your journey swift, light and carefree, but you also get to avoid baggage fees and tiresome check-in queues, as well as smugly flitting past the baggage carousel with a smile on your face. Travelling light isn’t just for city breaks, however. It is possible to
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  • Amazing Suitcase Packing Hacks
    Over packers rejoice! Bursting seams, extra weight charges, spilt shampoo and broken makeup are now a thing of the past. Learning how to save space in luggage is no longer a talent reserved solely for international jetsetters, but a handy skill available to us all thanks to our helpful guide. The art of packing may feel mysterious to some, but we promise it’s easy to
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  • Stylish Travel Accessories for Women
    Whether you’re a frequent flyer or annual traveller, don’t leave home without a bag full of savvy travel accessories. These beauties transform your trip from tiresome and difficult to one that is simple, fluid and stress-free. Now, who wouldn’t want to travel like that? From power purses that discreetly charge your phone to trendy travel document wallets that
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  • How to Choose the Best Suitcase for You
    Shopping for luggage can be exciting, yet confusing. With a vast array of pioneering and impressive designs out there, all boasting exceptional features, how do you choose the best suitcase for you? There is no ‘one size fits all’ suitcase. Your dream design depends on lifestyle, budget and travel preferences. To make your life easier, we’ve listed the best suitcases
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  • Rimowa Electronic Tag: The Future of Travel
    Always one step ahead of the travel game, Rimowa has redefined travel once again with the world’s first ever digital check-in for your luggage. This pioneering technology allows you to check in on your smartphone anywhere in the world and swiftly drop off your luggage at the airport in seconds. A new and refreshing way to travel, the Rimowa electronic tag elevates your
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  • What To Do When Your Luggage Is Lost
    It’s every traveller’s nightmare. You’re the last one standing at the baggage carousel and your suitcase is nowhere to be seen. What do you do? Unfortunately, this is a situation hundreds of passengers experience every day. On the bright side, the majority of lost baggage is reunited with its owner in 24 hours or less, phew! But how do you reclaim it? And what on
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  • Briggs & Riley’s Sympatico Range: Effortlessly Stylish Travel Gear
    If you’re seeking a seamlessly stylish and highly organised trip then Briggs & Riley’s Sympatico luggage is the answer to your prayers. Consisting of chic, coordinated pieces that include hard suitcases and soft companion pieces, the collection is designed to work together in both a fashionable and functional sense. As well as looking beautiful, the Sympatico cases
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  • What Can You Take In Your Hand Luggage When Flying Abroad?
    We all know by now that you can’t take liquids over 100ml in your hand luggage. But did you know if your smartphone or camera isn’t charged, you may have to leave them behind? Nightmare! Oh, and that lipstick rolling about at the bottom of your bag? That counts as a liquid as well. So what can you take in your hand luggage? To avoid any stress and embarrassment at the
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  • The Best Christmas Gifts for Travellers
    Stuck for ideas on what to buy that jet-setting friend or loved one this Christmas? Don’t fret, our travel gift guide is here to inspire you! From designer suitcases to intelligent gadgets, every explorer desires nifty products to make their adventures smoother. When they unwrap these travel inspired gifts on Christmas morning they are sure to be impressed with your
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