Over packers rejoice! Bursting seams, extra weight charges, spilt shampoo and broken makeup are now a thing of the past. Learning how to save space in luggage is no longer a talent reserved solely for international jetsetters, but a handy skill available to us all thanks to our helpful guide. The art of packing may feel mysterious to some, but we promise it’s easy to master once you understand how. So, if you’re a hopeless packer, read on to discover the best way to pack a suitcase.

amazing hacks for packing your suitcase

Before you start packing:

Make a packing list to have a clear idea of everything that’s going in your suitcase. Only take ESSENTIALS. Another brilliant idea is to plan your outfits ahead to avoid packing excess clothes. Take into account the weather of your destination, if there are seven days of glorious sunshine forecasted, it’s safe to say those bulky jumpers and jackets can be left behind. Rain and cold weather anticipated? No problem. Simply wear your cardigan/jumper, raincoat and boots to the airport (it’s likely to be breezy in Britain anyway) to avoid additional kilo charges at check in.

Holiday Packing Tips


Folding or rolling – which is the best way to pack a suitcase? The answer is a combination of the two. Soft and light materials, such as knits, dresses and t-shirts can be rolled to save space. Roll as flat as possible to avoid wrinkles. Starchy items like shirts, blazers and formal pieces are best folded – place in a dry cleaning bag to protect the garments and keep them wrinkle free.

Bulky items difficult to roll or fold can be placed in a compression bag that sucks all the excess air out and reduces the volume by 80%. (Beware, this can increase wrinkling, however). If you’d rather your packing didn’t look like a bomb site when you reach your destination, use packing cubes. These are especially useful for keeping rolled garments in place, as well as ensuring unpacking is quick and effortless.


Accessories, underwear and shoes:

How many shoes should you take? Follow the rule of three: trainers, sandals or flip-flops and a formal shoe. To stop the footwear from being squashed (and to save space) roll underwear and stuff inside the shoes. Then, place any dirty shoes inside a shower cap to avoid soiling the rest of your belongings. Leave any leftover underwear or accessories, such as scarves, ties, bras or belts, till last and once everything else is packed, see if they can be slipped into any gaps.

amazing packing hacks for your suitcase


Dainty necklaces, tangled chains, lost earrings… jewellery can be a nightmare to pack! Luckily, there are loads of cool holiday packing tips that keep your jewels in beautiful order. If you’re worried about knotting, try sealing necklaces or bracelets inside two sheets of plastic wrap to keep them separate and in one place. Alternatively, string each end of a necklace through two straws and refasten to prevent tangling. Finally, use a pill case to organise small items, such as rings and stud earrings.



Shampoo spillage can ruin your holiday before it’s even started. Prevent unnecessary leaks by placing a square piece of Clingfilm between the opening and the lid of the container. If the lid pops open, your clothes are still safe – phew! One of the most popular holiday packing tips on saving space is to transfer liquids into smaller, plastic bottles that can be discarded at the end of the holiday.



Ladies, want to know how to avoid the dreaded, smashed eyeshadow and powder situation? Place a flat, cotton wool pad between the pressed powder and lid for shock absorption. Save space by pouring foundation, concealer and other liquid makeup into a clean contact case.

amazing packing hacks for your suitcase


Keep chargers, cables and adaptors easily accessible and organised by storing them in a clear, ziplock bag. Alternatively, if you’re wondering how to save space in luggage, the most efficient way to pack your techy bits and bobs is to slot them into any available space, such as shoes or the inside of a hat.


How to organise packing:

The best way to pack a suitcase is to lay it flat on the floor then pack your belongings in the following order:

  1. Place heavy and larger items at the bottom of your case, starting with a layer of shoes
  2. Fill in any gaps between the shoes with smaller items, such as underwear, chargers etc.
  3. Place rolled garments or packing cubes on top of this layer
  4. Slot jewellery, gadgets or sunglasses between the rolled clothes
  5. Next comes folded garments, ideally in a dry cleaning bag
  6. Lastly, place cosmetics and toiletry bags on top of the folded layer

Do you have any tips on the best way to pack a suitcase? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!