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  • Top 5 Backpacks Designed for Travelling
    Clifford 13” Laptop Backpack in Black, £149.00, Knomo Think your everyday backpack will cut if for your vacay? We hate to break it to you, but it probably won’t. You see, travel backpacks are specifically designed for versatility, functionality and a seamless journey. Ergonomic design, gallons of space and intelligent organisation features are the core pillars of the
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  • Aluminium Suitcase: Rimowa vs Tumi Review
      Image credit: Rimowa Aluminium suitcases – what’s the crack? You may have noticed that all the celebs, style influencers and all-round cool kids have been spotted rolling around with them for a few years now, but this metallic trend has been well-established for over 70 years. First moulded into luxury luggage by German travel brand, Rimowa, aluminium became
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  • Luggage Tags: What to Write and What NOT to Write
    Image credit: Apairandaspare We’ve all been there. Anxiously biting our nails whilst waiting at the luggage carousel. Why hasn’t my bag come out yet? What if it’s lost? What will I wear all holiday! And then – there it is, gliding along without a care in the world. You run up to greet it like a long lost lover. Lost luggage can quickly turn your dream holiday
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  • Vintage Style, a Great Choice when Travelling
    Image credit: Pixabay Suitcases have evolved immensely over the decades, with sci-fi style aluminium shells, in-built technology, multidirectional wheels and ultra-secure locking systems, yet many of us still desire a good old fashioned, vintage suitcase. Why? Maybe it’s the hipsters’ fascination with all things retro and authentic, or perhaps the country’s obsession
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  • How to Live Like a Rockstar this Summer
    How to Live Like a Rockstar this Summer Image credit: Pixabay The days are getting longer, the sun is shining and the birds are singing – summer is on the horizon and it’s time to celebrate! The UK’s recent winter was pretty bleak, so why not treat yourself to an epic beach holiday? After putting up with months of rain and grey skies, you totally deserve it. And we
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  • Livefree With Knomo
    Work no longer means a messy desk in an uninspiring office. Technology allows us to work anywhere in the world, so why shouldn’t our bags? Enter Knomo. This pioneering brand is inspired by people who do things differently: the darers, the dreamers, the mavericks, and the adventure seekers. Knomo bags are designed with freedom and versatility in mind. They offer
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  • The Rise of the Weekender
    Image credit: Pixabay   Fancy a quick weekend away? We do. And apparently, the rest of Britain does as well. Short breaks are taking over the classic, two-week holidays in the sun, with many Brits opting to escape more often, but for a shorter period of time, thanks to budget airlines and low-cost holiday packages.   More holidays sounds good to us, even if it
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  • Does 'Luxury' Mean 'Sustainable'?
    We live in an era of globalisation and fast fashion; modern technology and cheap labour allow garments to be mass produced and made for an extremely low cost. Clothes can be bought at the click of a button and delivered the same day. Image credit: Pixabay Cool, right? Not when the manufacturing of said garments is detrimental to the environment and the workers who made
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  • Herschel Supply Co: Accessories Driven by Design
      Is it the iconic, vintage-style ‘Herschel’ badge or the striking cherry pinstripe lining that has caused mass Herschel hysteria over the past nine years? Or perhaps it’s the quirky, small-town American backstory combined with global design influences that have gained the brand a cult following in just under a decade? Image Credit: Herschel It’s hard to
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