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  • Where to Buy Suitcases?
    Bric's chic Italian luggage - available at Global Luggage Looking for a smart and suave suitcase for your next business excursion? Or maybe a show-stopping, luxury case is more your thing? Whatever your travelling persuasion, the perfect luggage is essential for your trip to run smoothly. But where is the best place to buy suitcases? Above all, how do you find your
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  • Luggage Tags: What to Write and What NOT to Write
    Image credit: Apairandaspare We’ve all been there. Anxiously biting our nails whilst waiting at the luggage carousel. Why hasn’t my bag come out yet? What if it’s lost? What will I wear all holiday! And then – there it is, gliding along without a care in the world. You run up to greet it like a long lost lover. Lost luggage can quickly turn your dream holiday
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  • Hand Luggage Restrictions: The Ultimate List
      Image Credit: Pixabay Any traveller worth their salt understands that rocking up to security with a litre bottle of water is enough to send the security staff into meltdown. But yet many passengers are still arriving with prohibited items in their carry-ons. Why? Skyrocketing baggage charges are causing more and more passengers to fly cabin luggage only.
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  • Beautiful & Lost: The Pretty History of Luggage Labels
    Luggage stickers available from Wall4Stickers   Luggage labels… pretty? No - we’re not talking about those flimsy, messy pieces of paper that are wrapped around your suitcase’s handle by the check-in staff. We’re talking about those arty travel stickers of yesteryear, those vibrant labels depicting far-flung places, elegantly stuck onto a
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  • Most Popular Destinations for Brits Moving Abroad
    Image credit: Pexels   Miserable weather, long working hours and soaring house prices - is it any wonder an estimated 4.97 million Brits choose to leave behind their native shores for pastures new? Furthermore, according to a recent survey by HouseBuyFast, those who can’t leave still dream about moving abroad, with a colossal 70% of people stating they would
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  • How To Keep Your Luxury Luggage Clean and Beautiful
    This article will show you how to keep your luxury luggage looking like new, from getting rid of scuffs and marks, to cleaning the fuzzy fabric interior. Painstakingly designed using superior craftsmanship and pioneering technologies, luxury luggage is engineered to last for as long as possible. But what about their elegant aesthetics? Will silver aluminium shells and
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  • What Are The Best Travel Apps?
    Any savvy traveller worth their salt understands travel apps are essential for jet-setting with ease. Like having a personal assistant and expert travel adviser inside your pocket, holiday apps can organise all your travel documents, keep you informed of delayed flights and help you navigate new places with confidence. But which are the best travel apps? From booking to
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  • We're Open! Visit Global Luggage's Luxurious New Store At The Savoy, London
    We’re excited to announce Global Luggage’s newly refurbished store at The Strand, next to the iconic Savoy Hotel, is now open and has undergone a swish makeover. Inspired by our family owned company’s British heritage and twenty years’ experience in the luggage and accessories industry, the new retail space reflects our unique personality, as well as showcasing an
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