In this article, we will show you how to buy smart and save heaps of money on your latest luxury luggage pieces. Whoever said looking a million dollars had to cost as much obviously hasn't visited Global Luggage.

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Psst… do you want to know a secret? Luxury luggage doesn’t have to cost the earth. Yes, there are some ultra sought-after suitcases out there with eye-wateringly high price tags, but savvy travellers (i.e. us) understand that premium luggage, with superior features, splendid aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality, is attainable at very reasonable prices. You just need to know where to look.

And we do.


We have over 20 premium brands stocked on Global Luggage, including a vast collection of stunning luxury luggage pieces to suit all budgets. So, if you’re looking for a stylish travel companion that doesn’t cost the earth, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover our top six suitcases that allow you to travel like the A-list, without breaking the bank…


Samsonite Cosomlite Promo ShotImage credit: Samsonite

Cosmolite Four-Wheel Large Suitcase, £385.00, Samsonite

You’ve been lusting after a certain fashion influencer’s travel gear for a while now, but the anticipation of a high-end luxury price tag is making your purse strings quiver in fear. Are you absolutely positively certain that’s a £1000+ designer suitcase rolling along beside them, however? Because we think there’s a high chance it could be a Cosmolite. In which case, you can replicate that glamorous influencer’s style for just £385.

An exquisite travel companion adored by fashionistas, travel bloggers, models and actresses across the globe, the Cosmolite is a total insta-darling. Flowing contours, beautiful shell-inspired ripples and a glossy metallic gleam - it’s easy to see why this highly coveted case is splashed all over Instagram.

Samsonite Cosmolite Suitcase

Thanks to its heavenly looks and premium quality features, such as silent, smooth rolling wheels, colour matching wheel housings, and refined lightweight carry handles, this divine suitcase certainly looks like it should cost twice as much as it does.

But it’s Samsonite’s revolutionary Curv® technology that makes this iconic design stand out from the crowd. Tough as nails and light as a feather, the case’s Curv® construction is incredibly impact resistant and elegantly light. Not just a pretty face then!

With Christmas on the horizon, why not gift the trendy traveller in your life with the Cosmolite! Thanks to its irresistible looks and supreme quality, they’re bound to think you spent much more than you actually did.

Shhh... we won’t tell if you don’t!

Samsonite flux promo imageImage credit: Samsonite

Flux 81cm Expandable Spinner, £195.00, Samsonite

Bold, cool and contemporary, with a sharp and minimal styling, the Flux is a striking suitcase and clearly a designer piece, right? Wrong. But it’s fluid contours, discreet grooves and crisp white hue sure give designer suitcases a run for their money! Speaking of money, this one only costs £195 – how brilliant is that?

samsonite white flux suitcase
But enough about how it looks, this fine piece of luggage has substance as well as style. True to its name, Flux is versatile and malleable, seamlessly adapting to any occasion. Crafted from 100% polypropylene, it’s one of the few hard-side cases with expandability, allowing you to enjoy the strength of a hard-side shell without compromising on volume. If you’re on the hunt for discount luggage, the search is over - £195 is fantastic value for a suitcase as stylish and spacious as this.

Thanks to its fresh, snow-white shade, the Flux is brilliant for winter adventures. Whether you’re hitting the Alps in January, or know a certain over-packer that desperately needs a fashionable, expandable suitcase for Christmas, this stunning spinner is sure to enchant all who encounter it.


Delsey Monmatre Suitcase Promo ShotImage credit: Delsey

Montmartre Air Large Case, £183.00, Delsey

The French - from style to travel, they make everything look effortlessly elegant. Is it because they are ridiculously rich? Not necessarily. It may surprise you, but the French are partial to a good piece of discount luggage as much as the bargain-loving Brits. Take French brand Delsey - these guys offer so-sophisticated-it-hurts luggage at wallet-friendly prices, and now everyone can travel like a Parisian.

Don’t believe us? Look at the Montmartre Air. This simply sublime case enjoys a sleek, minimal design; discrete Delsey branding; four silent and smooth rolling double wheels; a gloriously light construction; a detachable washable lining; and generous expandability all for less than £200. Unsurprisingly, the suitcase is designed for an effortless travel experience, meaning all you need to concentrate on is looking oh so cool and nonchalant.

Delsey Monmatre Suitcase

Named after the fashionable Parisian neighbourhood Montmartre, this hip design is sure to delight Francophiles this Christmas. You know what would make the most divine accoutrement to this French suitcase? Tickets to Paris! With the dough saved from snapping up this low-cost luggage, you’re bound to have plenty of funds left over to treat that special someone in your life…


Salsa Air Multiwheel Medium Suitcase, £399.00, Rimowa

A Rimowa for under £400? Yes, it is true! The Salsa Air Multiwheel Medium Suitcase offers a slice of German luxury for almost half the price of the brand’s other models, such as the prestigious Topas and Limbo lines.

Not only is the Salsa Air one of the lowest priced Rimowa cases, but also one of the lightest. This sought-after suitcase floats alongside you without a care in the world thanks to its feather-light polycarbonate construction and multidirectional gliding wheels. Nimble yet strong, the “lighter than air” case certainly won’t crack under pressure thanks to the incredible durability and relentless resilience of its polycarbonate shell. Sounds like the perfect travel companion to us.

Rimowa Salsa Turned Suitcase open 360
The ultimate dream present for glamorous globetrotters, the Salsa Air charms with its slick styling, vintage aircraft-inspired grooves and polished navy hue. Any wanderers worth their travel salt certainly won’t be able to contain their excitement when unwrapping this beauty on Christmas day!


Bric's man and woman sitting on luggage
Image credit: Bric’s

X-Travel Four-Wheel Medium Suitcase, £230.00, Bric’s

Sigh… your heart is yearning for the timeless luxury and expert quality of designer luggage, but your head is pointing in the direction of discount luggage. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Bric’s elegant X-Travel range is the solution. Reflecting the brand’s refined Italian style, this classic collection takes the old-school “Dolce Vita” glamour and transforms it into modern and affordable luggage.

A snip at only £230, the X-Travel Medium Suitcase ensures a first-class travel experience on a shoestring budget. Crafted from satin nylon for an effortlessly lightweight feel, the charming case is gracefully accented with tan leather detailing for a beautiful contrast. Rest assured, this darling is dirt and water resistant, which means that lovely lustrous fabric won’t get ruined in the rain – phew!

Brics X-Travel Suitcase

An exquisite gift for the discerning traveller in your life, the X-Travel fuses ageless Italian luxury with excellent prices. Maybe you and your partner are planning an escape to the Tuscan countryside, or perhaps your loved one is in love with timeless Italian style, either way, they are bound to fall in love with the subtle sophistication of the X-Travel when it’s unwrapped on December 25th.


Samsonite man pulling suitcaseImage credit: Samsonite

X'Blade 3.0 Large Expandable Suitcase, £205.00 Samsonite

A suitcase that continually evolves in design but not in price, the X’Blade 3.0 is transformed again and again by the Samsonite team to ensure it stays at the forefront of luggage design. The price point stays low, however, meaning you can nab one of the brand’s best-selling and core designs for a purse-friendly £205.  Who needs discount luggage when top quality models are this inexpensive?

Cool, smart and contemporary, the aesthetics of the X-Blade denote a polished and professional style. Streamlined curves; a smooth, black two-tone nylon and polyester fabric mix; and bespoke X-shaped hardware epitomise the suave jetsetter lifestyle. Internally, the X-Blade 3.0 offers a first class experience for your packing, with a dedicated tablet compartment to keep electronics safe and snug, and a wet pocket and laundry/shoe bag to separate wet and dirty belongings from clean clothing.

X'Blade 3 Samsonite Suitcase
Know a frequent business traveller with a suitcase that’s seen better days? Why not treat them with the X’Blade 3.0 for Christmas. Its svelte black style and intelligent organisation features promise to transform their travel experience into one that is seamless and as smart as they are


Wow, who knew luxury suitcases could be so affordable? Well, we did actually. Thirsty for some more great value designs? Check our Suitcases Page and change the ‘sort by’ section to ‘lowest price’ for more premium luxury suitcases at brilliant prices.