Shopping for luggage can be exciting, yet confusing. With a vast array of pioneering and impressive designs out there, all boasting exceptional features, how do you choose the best suitcase for you?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ suitcase. Your dream design depends on lifestyle, budget and travel preferences. To make your life easier, we’ve listed the best suitcases for different types of travellers and explored the advantages and disadvantages of certain features.

The Best Suitcase for International Travel

Agility and durability are two of the main factors you need to consider when buying luggage for flying abroad. The trick is to choose a material robust enough to withstand the baggage handlers, yet light enough to manoeuvre through the airport.

Samsonite’s LITE-CUBE DLX Large Four-Wheel Suitcase is a fantastic design for airport travel thanks to its ultra-light and impact resistant Curv® shell. Incredibly good-looking, the case’s metallic shade and stylish ripple design is eye-catching and easily spotted on the baggage belt. Four, 360-degree spinning wheels make strolling through the airport a breeze, whilst a TSA lock ensures travelling to the US is safe and stress-free.

best suitcase for international travel

Samsonite LITE-CUBE DLX Large Four-Wheel Suitcase 76cm in Eclipse Grey, £455.00

The Best Suitcase for Family Holidays

Family holidays are super fun but travelling with children can be tiresome for parents! Consequently, a design that promotes a smooth and effortless journey, rather than stressful and cumbersome one, is crucial.

Large volumes are necessary, as you’re likely to be packing for the entire family and kids tend to return with lots of souvenirs. Huge dimensions can be bulky however, therefore a design with a light construction, plenty of handles and 360-degree wheels is essential.

Samsonite’s X'Blade 3.0 Four-Wheel Large Expandable Suitcase ticks all the boxes thanks to its spacious 78cm size and expandable design. Additionally, the X’Blade is one of the best suitcases with compartments. Handy features, such as a wet pocket and laundry/shoe bag, allow your family’s belongings to be well organised and efficiently packed.

samsonite x blade four wheel suitcase X'Blade Compartments

Samsonite X'Blade 3.0 Four-Wheel Large Expandable Suitcase 71cm in Black, £185

The Best Suitcase for Low Budgets

Brilliant news! It is possible to find a great quality suitcase if you’re on a low budget. Look for models that combine value and quality with durability and versatility. You want a design built to last, whilst being suitable for all types of trips.

Size is an additional factor to take into account; extra-large cases will cost more, encourage over-packing and tip the scales on the airline weight restrictions. Stick with medium to large cases, you’ll be surprised how much you can pack into smaller volumes!

At £140.00, this U-Lite Classic Suitcase by Delsey is a great all-rounder. With an expandable design you can fit plenty of packing into its 78cm dimensions. Plus a lightweight, yet durable, construction and four, 360-degree wheels ensure it’s a charm to handle.

best suitcase for low budget

Delsey U-Lite Classic Expandable Four-Wheel Suitcase 78cm in Black, £140.00

Two Wheels or Four Wheels?

Four wheel designs offer effortless navigation, whilst two wheels are lighter and cost less. But which is the best wheeled luggage for you? We take a look at the pros and cons below:

Two Wheel Suitcases


• Easier to navigate urban environments – can be pulled over kerbs and rolled over cobblestones

• The wheels are neatly tucked away underneath the case, allowing for a sleeker design

• Ideal for city breaks, train travel and short breaks


• Limited manoeuvrability – can only be pulled or pushed

• Not ideal for large volumes and long-haul trips

Featuring a lightweight construction and plenty of carry handles, Briggs & Riley’s Transcend Suitcases are some of the best two wheeled cases on the market:

best two wheel suitcase

Briggs & Riley Transcend Medium Expandable Two-Wheel Suitcase in Black, £359.00

Four Wheel Suitcases


• 360-degree wheels that spin in any direction

• Easy to manoeuvre through the airport, making it easier on the back and shoulders

• Suitable for travellers carrying lots of weight, such as long-haulers or families


• Four wheels result in a heavier and larger design and take up valuable packing space

• The wheels can be awkward when trying to fit into car boots or cabins

• Wheels are external and are prone to damage

best four wheel suitcase

Silent, 360-degree, Hinomoto wheels make this Bric’s Bellagio Four-Wheel Large Suitcase, £475.00, a glorious travel companion to glide through the airport with:

Hard Vs Soft Suitcases

What’s the difference between hard and soft luggage? Both options have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Read on to discover which type of shell is best for you.

Soft Shells


• Lightweight – perfect for staying within the airline weight regulations

• The soft material is malleable, making it easier to squeeze into tight spaces or cram in extra packing

• Scratches and damage aren’t as visible on the soft fabric


• Less secure than a hard case and more prone to damage and rips

• Not usually waterproof

• Not as visually appealing as a hard shell

best soft suitcase

Flexible and durable, Bric’s X-Travel Four-Wheel Medium Suitcase £205.00, is a high-quality, soft suitcase option:

Hard Shells


• High-tech materials combine strength and lightness

• Shields your belongings from bumps, helping to prevent breakages

• Thieves can’t rip into the hard material to steal your valuables


• The rigid shells can’t be squeezed into awkward spaces and won’t accommodate extra packing

• The shell’s exterior can scratch or crack easily

• Tend to lack in exterior pockets and compartments

best hard shell suitcase

Developed to withstand extreme weather conditions and tough handling, Rimowa’s Topas Four-Wheel Large Suitcase, £705, is one of the best hard suitcases available:

Now you have a clearer idea about which type of suitcase is best for you, be sure to browse our website for a wider range of styles and designs. Easily searchable, our luggage selection features some of the best suitcase brands online and you can shop by trip, size, luggage type or features.