How to pack a suit? Image credit: Pixabay

Ahh, the dreaded suit packing scenario. You have an important business meeting overseas and need to look your polished, sharp-suited best. Unfortunately, your packing skills leave much to be desired.

Rocking up to your meeting in a crumpled suit just won’t cut it. What’s the answer?

Follow our guide on how to pack a suit in a suitcase and you’ll step into that meeting looking slicker than a member of Ocean’s 11.

How to Pack a Suit Properly?

Sure, garment bags are great… when you’re travelling by car or train. Most garment carriers are too large for hand luggage and will incur extra baggage fees, on top of your suitcase, if you check them in.

So how does one navigate air travel with a freshly pressed suit in tow? There’s only one option remaining – pack the suit in your suitcase.

But how to pack a suit without it crumpling, wrinkling and falling out of shape? There are loads of guides on the internet and if you’re an origami expert, you’ll have no problem following the intricate instructions.

Not an origami expert? No problem. Packing perfection is really rather simple with our easy guide.

First, nail the folding part by following these simple instructions:

How to Fold a Suit Jacket

  1. Lay the jacket flat, smooth out any creases and button it up
  2. Flip it around, smooth out any creases at the back
  3. Fold each side of the jacket so it lines up with the centre seam
  4. Flatten and smooth the sleeves along the seam line
  5. Leave there for now as you move on to folding your suit trousers

How to Fold Suit Trousers

  1. 1. Lay the trousers out and leave the fly open to keep the front crease intact
  2. 2. Fold them in half
  3. 3. Fold them in half again
  4. 4. Lay the folded trousers at the top of the jacket
  5. 5. Fold the jacket in half (from top to bottom) with the trousers enclosed inside

How to Fold a Shirt

  1. Button the shirt up and lay front down – smooth out any creases
  2. Fold the right sleeve horizontally across the back of the shirt
  3. Fold the cuff upward so it lays over the centre of the collar
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the left sleeve
  5. Fold the right side of the shirt to the centre line – repeat with the left side
  6. Fold the shirt from top to bottom


Now you have your suit expertly folded, place the jacket (with the trousers folded inside of it) inside one airtight ziplock bag and your shirt in another. This helps to minimise wrinkling and protect your garms from potential shampoo explosions.

Whack it into your suitcase and hey presto – you have an immaculately packed suitcase to rival a slick, 007 agent.

See? Packing like a pro is not as tricky as it sounds.

How to pack a suit? Image credit: Pixabay

Other Tips

  • Stash socks inside your shoes to keep their shape
  • Invest in a pair of shoe bags to protect your footwear (and your footwear from the rest of your belongings)
  • Keep your ties and other small accessories inside a small ziplock bag or packing cube for easy access

The Best Suitcases for Suits

It’s not all down to your packing skills (phew), let your suitcase do some of the work. There are some pretty nifty cases out there with interiors designed to simplify your packing, whilst giving your suit a first-class ride. Check out our favourites below:

Baseline Medium Suitcase, £499, Briggs & Riley

Aiming for packing perfection? Choose the Baseline.

This sleek, smart, business travel favourite is laced with features that treat your belongings with respect.

First up, is the ‘built-in tri-fold garment folder’ with foam roll bar, which neatly holds 2-3 suits and prevents wrinkling.

Next up are ‘cinch-down mesh garment panels’ that keep contents from shifting in transit. Finally, Briggs & Riley’s patented CX™ compression-expansion system increases packing capacity should you need it, then compresses back down to keep contents ultra secure. Relax, your suit is in safe hands.

Sympatico Medium Expandable Suitcase, £499, Briggs & Riley

The Sympatico series may be famous for its expandable polycarbonate shells, but did you know these cases know how to expertly transport your suit?

Tucked away, in a zip-around mesh panel on the inside lid, lies a handy suiter complete with speed buckle hanger. Slot 1 suit or 2-3 shirts inside and place the rest of your garments in the spacious main compartment.

Here, adjustable garment compression panels keep clothing flat, minimise wrinkles, and prevent contents from shifting mid-flight. Beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside, a suave charcoal exterior and subtle ridged shell make the Sympatico essential for style-conscious professionals.

Alpha 2 Front Lid Short Trip Packing Case, £885, Tumi

A trusty staple for business travellers worldwide, the Alpha 2 Short Trip Packing Case impresses on performance, function and longevity. The patented, ultra-durable FXT® ballistic nylon construction is incredibly sturdy without compromising on lightness, whilst a well-organised interior caters to the most demanding business professionals.

How does it look after suits? A removable garment sleeve (holds up to two ensembles) means you can arrive at your destination, unzip the case and hang your suit within seconds. Perfect.

Torq Medium Suitcase, £367.20, Briggs & Riley

Strong, secure and stylish, the Torq suitcases offer the ultimate protection for your belongings in transit. Crafted from three layers of 100% Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate material, the shells are high-strength and beautifully lightweight. Choose the Tech Black colourway for a minimal and professional aesthetic.

But enough about its looks, how can the Torq elevate your packing?

When a flexible retaining wall perfectly guides the packing process and keeps your clothing out of the zipper, you know this a suitcase that values your belongings. Pop your suit in the lid’s built-in garment carrier, which gently folds hanging items and minimises wrinkling, and zip up safely away from the rest of your packing.

Tegra Lite Max Medium Trip Packing Case, £745, Tumi

When a suitcase is made from the same stuff NASCAR race cars are made from, you know it’s going to be a high performer. Tegra-Lite® is constructed from Tegris®, a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material created by Milliken®. What’s so good about it?

Do exceptional strength, incredible resilience and extreme lightness sound good to you? It’s safe to say, this chap will ensure your belongings arrive in pristine condition.

Impressive on the inside as well as the out, the Tegra-Lite boasts a spacious interior complete with a removable garment sleeve, two packing compartments and pockets for accessories – the perfect setup for a well-ordered suitcase.


For more garment friendly suitcases check out collections from Briggs & Riley or Tumi. Decked out with exceptionally organised interiors, these brands' designs ensure your suit arrives in impeccable condition.