Carefree travels start with carefree packing Image Credit: Pixabay

No carefree and romantic getaway started with a bulky suitcase and tedious airport queues. Master the art of true escapism by travelling light.

True freedom is touching down in Rome and hopping on a moped without a hefty bag dragging your down.

Or travelling to India with a petite and nimble suitcase that doesn’t cause you to spontaneously combust in the heat from simply pulling it along.

Investing in a lightweight suitcase is the only way to enjoy your journey as much as the destination itself.

Not only is travelling light hassle-free and enjoyable, but also becoming a necessity as airlines become increasingly strict on baggage weight allowances.

If you want to hop on that plane and drift effortlessly towards your hotel, minus the extra baggage charges, then read on to discover our essential lightweight suitcases and top tips on how to travel light.

The Benefits of Travelling Lightly


Those long check-in queues and baggage claim crowds put a real dampener on travel.

Why not skip them all together by travelling cabin luggage only? No unnecessary waiting, no check-in fees, more time to enjoy your actual holiday and less chance of losing your luggage.

What’s not to love? Even if you check-in your luggage, a sensibly packed, lightweight suitcase will enable you to zip through the crowds and reach the front of the queue before anyone else. Not that it’s a competition or anything…


Who wants to be lugging a cumbersome suitcase around with them on their travels full of stuff they don’t need? Not us.

Arriving at your destination with an unsightly sweat on is not a good look. Pack light and the journey can be as fun, effortless and stress-free as the holiday itself.

Why not stop off at that cute tapas bar on the way to the hotel? When your luggage is no hassle, there’s no rush to drop it off and unburden yourself, meaning you can enjoy every step of your journey.

Too much luggage is a burden Image credit: Cosmolite


Maybe you’re travelling cabin only or perhaps you’ve invested in a lightweight suitcase, whatever your chosen travel companion if it’s light and agile - result!

You can run for that coach transfer or jump on the plane last minute without having a heart attack. Navigating public transport in a foreign country can be tricky in itself, so why add to the stress with a heavy bag?

From crowded shuttle buses to endless, winding back streets, a small, lightweight suitcase or cabin case will elevate your trip from tiresome to fun.

The Best Lightweight Suitcases

Montmartre Air Cabin Case

With its petite 55cm dimensions and weighing in at only 2.2kg, the Montmartre Air is an effortless accoutrement to your carefree trip.

Whether you’re escaping to Paris for the weekend or travelling light for a long haul getaway, this Delsey case guarantees a smart and stress-free transit.

Its svelte silhouette and four spinning wheels allow it to move gracefully down aeroplane aisles and winding back streets with ease, whilst its sprightly design can swiftly be thrown into overhead cabins, public transport luggage compartments and car boots.

What else? Other highlights include a padded laptop pocket and durable Securitech zip.

LITE-SHOCK Medium Suitcase

Prepared to be amazed. Samsonite’s Lite-Shock Medium Suitcase weighs less than most cabin cases.

A dream come true for those who want to travel light but find it hard to leave the kitchen sink behind. Its nimble 2.4kg weight combined with a 73 L volume proves lightness doesn’t have to be compromised for size.

A lighter case means a weaker shell though, right? Wrong. Ultra shock absorbent, the design’s specially woven polypropylene construction has maximum impact resistance.

How can you go wrong with an incredibly lightweight suitcase that’s also incredibly strong? You can’t. If you’re embarking on a long and bumpy ride, the Lite-Shock is for you.

Cosmolite Medium Suitcase

Luxurious and light, the Cosmolite impresses with rippling shell, midnight blue shade and feather-light construction. Crafted from Samsonite’s exclusive Curv® material, the Cosmolite not only looks dazzling, but offers strength without the bulk.

Pretty yet robust, this beautiful case can withstand the roughest of rides thanks to its outstanding impact performance.

From fashion to travel, this lightweight suitcase is the travel companion du jour for influencers across the globe. Essential for a chic, carefree and secure trip.

Paradiver Light Duffle with Wheels

Explorers need freedom and the Paradiver Light offers just that. Versatile handling? Check. Ultra-light 2.5kg weight? Check. Simplified organisation? Check.

Its four double wheels allow you to navigate the city streets with ease, whilst plenty of grab handles mean you can carry the case as a duffle on rougher terrain.

Weatherproof material ensures the Paradiver Light is durable under all conditions, come rain or shine, with the addition of a Teflon fabric protector to keep the stylish, denim style material water and dirt repellent.

From rolling down rainy city streets to trekking the rainforest, this sporty-inspired duffle case is essential for adventurers.

Flux Expandable Spinner in Black, £159.00, Samsonite

The epitome of flexibility, Samsonite’s Flux is made for those constantly on the move. Its cabin size allows you to make a swift escape and avoid the baggage queues, whilst its refreshingly light 2.6kg weight and smooth rolling wheels mean you can zip through the airport with ease.

Combining a 100% polypropylene material with expandability, the Flux fuses malleability with strength. Team all this with a glossy black aesthetic and luxe silver accents and you have elegant escapism at its best.

Top 10 Tips for Travelling Lightly

  1. Make a packing list. Otherwise, how else do you know what's going in your bag? A packing list ensures no unnecessary items slip through.
  2. Roll and vacuum pack your clothes to save space.
  3. Is that a shoe space we see? Make sure every possible nook and cranny is filled. Socks, ties, chargers or any small items can be slotted into shoes, empty bags, corners etc.
  4. Kindles are a lifesaver for frequent travellers. Leave the bulky books at home!
  5. Luggage scales are your friend. Experiment by packing different items and see which ones make your bag the heaviest – are they really necessary?
  6. Take advantage of laundromats. Only take a couple of outfits and wash clothes at your destination.
  7. Going somewhere cold? Don’t pack your coat or bulky boots, simply wear them to travel in. Same goes for jumpers, jeans etc.
  8. Travel with a lightweight suitcase – check out all of Global Luggage’s light and luxurious designs.
  9. Be a savvy packer and only pack light, versatile garments in colours that all coordinate with each other.
  10. Don’t pack items you can buy abroad, such as toiletries – shampoo, moisturiser, sunscreen etc.