Briggs and Riley and Tumi are both pioneers when it comes to luggage design, but which brand is best? With many of the products sharing similar benefits, such as top quality design and amazing functionality, it can be tricky to differentiate the pros and cons of each company.


Fret no more! We’ve broken the contest down by luggage category and taken a closer look at each brand’s standout features, so you can see clearly which products are best for you.

Cabin Luggage

When it comes to travelling cabin luggage only, versatility, volume, and agility are key. A carry-on that seamlessly fits into many airlines’ overhead compartments, whilst accommodating everything you need for a short trip, is essential for a carefree and effortless journey.

Size x Capacity

Briggs & Riley Sympatico Suitcase Studio shot

Image: Global Luggage

Briggs and Riley’s cabin cases excel over Tumi when it comes to versatile dimensions and packing capacity. For example, the Sympatico International Carryon Expandable Spinners fit on 44 airlines and boast a whopping 43.6-litres (53-litres when expanded) of internal packing space. In comparison, the Vapor Lite - a similar sized case by Tumi - fits on 33 airlines, and holds 7.7-litres less than the Sympatico.

Agility and Handling

Both brands score high on agility, offering 360-degree manoeuvrability on the majority of their designs, alongside top quality handling features such as 3-stage telescoping handles, and plenty of grab handles. If you’re looking to travel light, Briggs and Riley’s cabin cases are significantly lighter than Tumi’s - just make sure you don’t abuse their expansion feature. According to Briggs and Riley reviews, customers have commented that the fully packed and expanded bags have a tendency to topple over and can be heavy to lift.


Although more expensive than Briggs and Riley, Tumi’s cabin luggage is exceptionally well made. The Alpha 2 range, for example, incorporates over 30 design improvements reflecting the brand’s dedication to constantly advancing their own designs. Factors such as a lower centre of gravity to avoid tipping, and stable multi-directional navigation indicate a fine regard to detail. Tumi reviews back this up, with many customers praising the durability of the bags, stating their designs look as good as new, even after a year of frequent flying.

Hold Luggage

Durability, quality, and security are arguably the most important factors to consider when choosing your check-in luggage. Both brands are renowned for their high-quality designs, but which company comes out top in the Briggs and Riley vs Tumi war?


Tegra Lite Tumi Suitcase Studio shot

Image: Global Luggage

Using exclusive materials such as Tegris and FXT ballistic fabric, Tumi cases are unbeatable when it comes quality and durability. Its Tegra Lite range (£745-£795) is crafted from the same material as Nascar race cars, resulting in suitcases that boast superior strength, resilience, and lightness. The best-selling, Alpha 2 cases (£885-£985) additionally impress thanks to a Durafold™ Construction method that reinforces the cases’ frames for strength and longevity. Impact-resistant caps ensure corner durability, whilst a super-tough and virtually damage-proof X-Brace 45® handle system will stay good as new for years to come.


If Tumi cases are out of your price range, Briggs and Riley offer designs at almost half the price, without compromising on quality. Take the Baseline Large Expandable Spinner;this best-selling case features a ballistic nylon fabrication; reinforced, low profile protective corner guards; and self-repairing YKK zippers, all at a cost of only £529. Not to mention the brand’s famous lifetime warranty, which is constantly applauded in Briggs and Riley reviews. Yes that’s right, if your bag is broken or damaged, even if it is caused by an airline, Briggs and Riley will repair it free of charge. Cool!


Both brands take security seriously and offer TSA combination locks on most of their luggage, with Tumi’s 19 Degree Aluminium featuring two. If you’re worried about lost luggage, the Tumi Tracer is a handy, complimentary service that allows you to register your bag online. If someone finds your bag and contacts Tumi, the brand reunites you with your suitcase – phew!

Volume and Weight

Organisation is regarded highly by each company, with many cases decked out with garment folders, compression panels to minimise wrinkles, and suiters. But when it comes to capacity and expansion, Briggs and Riley come out top thanks to its innovative CX™ Expansion-Compression Technology. This nifty feature offers an extra 3.5” of packing room on the Baseline designs, resulting in a generous 103.1 - 121.8 litre capacity, PLUS it compresses back down to its original size to avoid bulk. In comparison, Tumi’s Alpha 2 expands up to 2” with a capacity of 98 litres. And guess what, the Baseline is a whole 2.5kg lighter.


The last round of the Briggs and Riley vs Tumi competition compares each brand’s smaller bag offering.


Tumi boasts an impressive assortment of travel accessories. These include sophisticated wheeled briefs, fashionable backpacks, sleek garment bags, and chic totes in a range of diverse styles to suit all personalities. The brand even allows you to customise your Tumi travel or business cases with their colourful Tumi Accent Kits.


Briggs and Riley offer a similar selection of bags, but with less choice when it comes to style and design. Although a smaller collection, the designs are equipped with some unique and handy features, such as hidden RFID pockets, fleece-lined padding to protect delicate items, and SpeedThru™ pockets for easy access to small essentials at security checkpoints.

Business Travel

Tumi Business Backpack T-Pass Studio Shot

Image: Global Luggage

Both brands score highly here, each offering a selection of high-tech laptop backpacks, smart briefcases, and wheeled briefs that efficiently organise your business essentials.

For a smooth and effortless business trip, however, you really must choose a Tumi business bag. Why? Because their T-Pass technology, on the Alpha 2 briefcases and laptop backpacks, allows you to glide through security without the hassle of removing your laptop from your bag. Plus, the brand’s wheeled briefs feature four 360 degree wheels - Briggs and Riley’s wheeled briefs only feature two rolling wheels - for versatile mobility and stress-free handling. And if you’re looking for a first class ride for your suits, Tumi offers six garment bags to choose from, whilst Briggs and Riley only have two options.

Why Choose Briggs and Riley Luggage?

  • Lifetime Warranty: Not only do Briggs and Riley create high quality and durable bags, but they offer an amazing lifetime warranty. If you want a travel companion for life – choose a Briggs and Riley.
  • Voluminous: The brand’s CX™ technology specifically impresses with its expansion and compression action that allows you to pack more whilst keeping to a svelte silhouette.
  • Great Value: Almost half the price of a Tumi bag, Briggs and Riley offer excellent quality designs and an unbeatable lifetime warranty, all for a very reasonable price indeed.
  • Perfect for Short Breaks: Coming out top in the Briggs and Riley vs Tumi battle for the best cabin luggage, the brand’s carry-ons are essential if you’re seeking spacious, lightweight designs minus the bulk.

Why Choose Tumi?

  • High Quality: Every Tumi product is put through 30 unique tests before it’s available to buy. You only have to read the Tumi reviews online to discover the brand’s quality isn’t just self-proclaimed, with many customers stating their Tumi looks and performs as good as new after countless trips.
  • Durable: From virtually abrasion-proof FXT™ Ballistic Nylon® fabrications to case-hardened solid steel machine screws, every inch of a Tumi product is designed to withstand the perils of travel.
  • Stylish: From elegant business bags to arty suitcases, Tumi offers a stylish assortment of designs in every luggage category. Plus, the Tumi Accent Kits allow you to personalise your Tumi to create a unique style.
  • Best for Business Travel: Highly organised Wheeled Briefcases with 360-degree navigation, and T-Pass designs that allow you to keep your laptop safely inside your bag when moving through security – what more can we say?