Looking for expandable luggage without the inflated costs? Look no further, as Global Luggage show you the best of their luxury expandable suitcases, making sure you sacrifice nothing on your adventures away from home.

Old suitcase with blue shirt and bottle of HennesseyImage credit: Pixabay

Lugging bags full of gifts, battling wind and snow, and dealing with the Christmas holiday rush - travelling over the festive period is a whole new ballgame. Will your usual suitcase accommodate cable knit jumpers, tuxedo suits, glittery dresses and that bottle of Hennessy Cognac for your dad? No didn’t think so. Not to worry, Global Luggage to the rescue, as always!

What you need is an expandable suitcase and we’ve got plenty of them. Travelling home with adaptable luggage allows you to take as many gifts as you like… and return home with even more if you’re lucky! Not only are our suitcases expandable but damn good looking as well, because practicality doesn’t have to mean boring, does it?

Want to know what the top five expandable suitcases are? We’ve listed our favourite designs in order of expandability and also covered aesthetics, price, agility and durability, so you can select the expandable suitcase that’s perfect for you.

1: Baseline Expandable Suitcase, £529, Briggs & Riley - Expandability 3.5”

Baseline Suitcase in Khaki Briggs and Riley

Are you swapping the miserable British weather for a touch of Austrian snow this Christmas? Or perhaps you’re escaping to sunnier climes? Wherever you’re heading for the holidays, the beautiful Baseline accommodates 5-9 days’ worth of packing and more inside its expandable interior, meaning you don’t have to leave anything behind.

Worried about fitting in your faux fur coats or chunky knits? Don’t be. Thanks to Briggs & Riley’s patented CX™ Expansion-Compression Technology, the Baseline increases its space by up to 25%. That’s an extra whopping 3.5” of packing room! But won’t the generous expandability result in a bulky and cumbersome suitcase? Nope. This is where the “compression” part comes in. One simple push compresses the design back down to its original size for flat, secure contents, meaning your suitcase stays sleek and streamlined throughout your journey.

OK, so it may look neat on the exterior, but what about the inside? Won’t packing be squashed and messy? Not with the Baseline’s immaculately ordered interior, it won’t. Reflecting the brand’s thoughtful and functional design ethos, the interior is equipped with a built-in suiter, compression panels and flat packing area (no bars) to keep your party ensembles neat and wrinkle-free.

Briggs and Riley Interior DuoImage credits: Briggs & Riley

The Baseline even gives Santa’s sleigh a run for its money when it comes to capacity and agility. Holding just under 22 litres of packing, its re-engineered 4 double swivel wheels effortlessly hold the additional weight, whilst 360° navigation allows you to swerve in and out of the Christmas crowds.

Proving that functionality doesn’t have to be dull, the Baseline’s lustrous olive hue is luxurious and chic, whilst its smooth ballistic nylon fabrication combines elegance with strength. At £529, this large suitcase isn’t cheap, but its unrivalled expandability and exceptional quality exceed even the most seasoned of travellers’ expectations.


2: Sympatico Expandable Suitcase, £529, Briggs & Riley – Expandability 3”

Briggs and Riley Sympatico Suitcase in Blue

Another Briggs & Riley design that benefits from the brand’s amazing CX™ Expansion-Compression Technology is the gleaming Sympatico. This stunning metallic suitcase proves that hard-side shells can be versatile and adaptable by expanding up to 25%! Although the Sympatico is half an inch behind the Baseline when it comes to expandability, it triumphs in volume, offering up to 147.5 litres compared to the Baseline’s 121.8 litres. A dream come true for those who travel with their entire wardrobe and the kitchen sink…

Briggs and Ruiley Sympatico InteriorImage credits: Briggs & Riley
Worried about delicate gifts or fragile souvenirs getting squashed or broken in transit? Fret not! The 3-layer, 100% virgin Makrolon® polycarbonate shell offers incredible protection from the bumps and scrapes of manic Christmas travel. Briggs & Riley’s luxurious interior isn’t saved solely for the Baseline either, the Sympatico enjoys similar features such as the built-in suiter and adjustable garment compression panels, as well as double spinner wheels with a lower centre of gravity for safe and sturdy manoeuvrability.

If you’re tempted by the aforementioned Baseline’s expansion compression system, organisation features and reasonable price, but prefer hard-side designs with cool and fresh aesthetics then the Sympatico is for you. Available in a series of irresistible jewel tones, from burgundy to marine blue, there’s sure to be a colour to tempt all types of travellers!

3: Transcend Expandable Spinner, £449, Briggs & Riley – Expandability 2.5”

Briggs & Riley clearly take expandability very seriously as this is the third product on the list by the pioneering luggage brand. Benefitting from the company’s VX™ variable expansion system, the Transcend allows customisable capacity and expands by up to a generous 2.5”. Whilst it doesn’t compress back down like the Baseline and Sympatico, a zipperless expansion system ensures a sturdy and structured shape when fully loaded.

The Transcend’s 2.5” expansion is a lifesaver for transporting your gifts this Christmas. Whether you return home with less or more (fingers crossed more!) the Transcend adapts to suit your requirements. Need to change into your glad rags as soon as you reach your destination? No problem – the suitcase’s garment folder, with removable, adjustable foam roll bar, is ideal for two suits/dresses or four shirts and keeps them in pristine condition. Who wants to spend time ironing wrinkled party outfits when you can be sipping festive cocktails and dancing with old friends?

Transcend Suitcase Interior shotImage credit: Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley’s obsession with impeccable organisation continues on the Transcend’s exterior, which also enjoys a sumptuous aesthetic and incredible robustness. In a deep Merlot hue, the two-tone, nylon twill fabrication has a fine weave to combine a sleek touch with exceptional durability. Plenty of functional pockets also feature here, that are designed to elevate your travel experience. A large, gusseted front pocket is wide and deep - perfect for stashing a jacket or jumper, whilst a “Speedthru Pocket” ensures tickets and small items are easily accessible.

With its stunning festive shade, versatile volumes and beautifully ordered layout, the Transcend promises to get you home in exquisite style this Christmas.


4: Alpha 2 Expandable Packing Case, £1085, Tumi – Expandability 2.5”

Tumi Alpha Case
This Alpha 2 Expandable Packing Case may be the most expensive expandable suitcase on the list, but what it lacks in affordability it makes up for in quality and innovation. Will your journey home this Christmas involve lugging luggage through snow, sleet and everything in between? Don’t even think about leaving without a tough, high performing and lightweight design if you want your belongings to arrive unscathed.

Don’t worry, your delicate party wear and expensive gifts are in safe hands thanks to the Alpha 2’s built to last “durafold” construction, which is sturdy yet light. Glass goods, such as ornaments or bottles of champagne, are protected by the ultra-durable FXT ballistic nylon fabrication on bumpy rides. Even the three-stage telescoping handle is super-tough and virtually damage-proof thanks to its aircraft grade X-Brace 45® system.

Tumi Alpha Suitcase InteriorImage credit: Tumi

The entire suitcase is designed to ensure a seamless travel experience from start to finish. Luxury organisation features such as a suiter sleeve and large compression tie-down straps keep fuzzy jumpers separate to smart suits or silky dresses, as well as keeping them clean and wrinkle-free. Do you always end up carrying your partner’s luggage when travelling? You’ll love the add-a-bag feature then, which allows another suitcase to be attached for convenient one-hand carrying.

Of course, the Alpha 2 expands, but it does so in a way that is swift, simple and strong. The patent-pending, easy-to-use Lever Lock™ Expansion System opens and closes securely to provide two-stages of expansion that adapts to suit your packing needs, leaving plenty of versatile space for additional gifts or souvenirs. Sturdier than the usual zip around expansion suitcases that are prone to ripping, Tumi’s Alpha 2 promises to last a lifetime, not just for Christmas.

5: Flux Expandable Spinner, £195, Samsonite – Expandability 2”

Samsonite Flux Suitcase
Further proof that hard-side cases can be adaptable, Samsonite’s Flux is essential for those who desire the practicality of an expandable suitcase combined with the sharp aesthetics of a luxury design.

You’d never guess that this modern, minimal polypropylene case is expandable and that’s the point. The expandability here is covert, with no messy zips or bulky sections in sight. The exterior is simple yet bold, with a winter white hue and subtle grooves that glide across its contours for depth and dimension.

Samsonite Flux Expanding Detail ShotImage credits: Samsonite

Internally, a stylish grey lining with honeycomb pattern offers an elegant space to pack your clothes. Zipped compartments, packing straps and divider pads offer neat organisation for belongings, whilst the 2” expandability function means you won’t have to leave any of your gifts behind – phew!

Its polypropylene construction fuses durability with lightness, whilst smooth rolling double wheels and a double tube wheel handle ensures effortless agility. Transporting your gifts home should be an absolute doddle with this beaut.

The best part about the Flux has to be its price, however. One of the chicest suitcases on this list, it’s also the least expensive. Its £195 price tag offers brilliant value taking into consideration all its qualities, plus you should have plenty of money left over to buy some epic presents for your loved ones this Christmas!


Whether you’re heading home this Christmas to see your family for the weekend or jetting off for a week-long European Christmas market fest, an expandable suitcase is essential. From trend-focused designs to sophisticated spinners, you’re bound to find your dream suitcase with Global Luggage!