When you live in a world where digital pickpockets are actually a thing, protecting yourself is essential. If you’re wondering what on earth a digital pickpocket is and you’ve never heard of RFID, don’t fret, we’re here to enlighten you!

Image Credit: SECRID

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. It’s the nifty technology that allows you to instantly pay for goods by waving your plastic in front of card machines, without having to type in your PIN. Most modern cards, such as credit and debit cards, ID cards, and travel cards contain an RFID chip used for wireless communication. Modern and convenient it may be, but it’s also potentially risky.

Why? Said digital pickpocket can read, activate and clone your card from up to a metre away, without you even noticing. Most people are protective over their cards; you’d never give your card to a stranger or allow everyone to see your PIN number, for example, but what can you do to prevent wireless scanning?

It’s quite simple really, you just need to Invest in a bag, luggage or wallet that contains RFID protection. Most brands, such as SECRID, Knomo and Briggs & Riley are becoming increasingly streetwise to digital theft and have evolved their designs to counteract this modern threat.

And don’t worry, there’s no need to compromise style when choosing an RFID design. From luxury RFID luggage to sleek card holders, Global Luggage has plenty of chic and elegant pieces that skilfully fuse sophistication with security.

Image Credit: SECRID


SECRID are pioneers when it comes to contemporary wallet design. Combining cool Dutch style with state-of-the-art technology, the Norwegian brand is coveted the world over for its iconic “Cardprotectors” and exquisite leather wallets.

SECRID Cardprotectors

At the core of every SECRID design is the brand’s patented Cardprotector. This slim, aluminium case can be used as a minimal card holder for 4 to 6 cards and slips neatly inside your pocket. Perfect for travelling light, the Cardprotector simplifies your life by eradicating bulky wallets when all you need is a few important cards.

Image Credit: SECRID

Not only do SECRID’s card holders offer RFID and NFC (Near Field Communication) protection when inside the case, they also protect your plastic when it’s in use. How? You only need to reveal a small portion of your card for the radio signal to be received at close range when paying for goods. By keeping the majority of your card inside the protector, your data is kept out of range from devious scanners – phew!

It’s not just data theft that’s a potential problem when travelling with important cards. Storing loose cards inside your back pocket means they are more prone to breaking and bending. The Cardprotector’s got this under control though; its aluminium construction protects your plastic from breakages and keeps it as strong and shiny as the day it was made. Furthermore, the design’s slim form and light-as-a-feather weight mean you can effortlessly slip it inside your pocket, wallet or clutch bag and be safe in the knowledge that your essential cards are safe and sound.

Available in a range of lavish metallic colours, from electric blue to glamorous gold, SECRID’s cardholders prove that protection and practicality don’t have to be boring.  

Image Credit: SECRID

SECRID Wallets

The Cardprotector sounds cool, but what if I need to leave the house with more than just a few cards? Check out SECRID’s Mini Wallets. The famous Cardprotector is at the core of each design, so you benefit from RFID protection for 4 to 6 cards as well as extra space inside the rest of the wallet. Despite being compact and sleek, these Mini Wallets manage to accommodate all your monetary and small daily essentials such as 4 extra cards, banknotes, business cards, receipts and tickets.

Image Credit: SECRID

Available in a range of sumptuous leather finishes, the Mini Wallets are not only luxurious but ethically made. Constructed from the finest European cowhide sourced in mainly Holland, but also Germany and Italy, SECRID’s leather is tanned under good working conditions with care and full attention to the environment.

Using aniline dyed, full-grain cowhides, SECRID offers ten different leather types in a range of tempting colours for its Mini Wallet collection. Smooth or matte finishes are ideal for those who prefer a classic style; distressed vintage leathers in brown and black ooze an authentic, old-world vibe; whilst candy colours, glossy crocodile textures and snake prints are the epitome of extravagance. Whatever your taste, there’s bound to be a Mini Wallet to suit your individual style.

Check out these beauties below:

Mini Wallet in Black Crisple Leather, £59.00, SECRID

Mini Wallet in Pink Matte Leather, £59.00, SECRID

Mini Wallet in Brown Nile Leather, £59.00, SECRID


Top 3 Luxury RFID Luggage & Bags

RFID protection isn’t just for wallets. We have plenty of luxury RFID luggage, backpacks and briefcases that feature RFID panelling on their pockets and compartments – perfect for staying safe and secure on your travels, commute or everyday activities.

Kinzie Street Cabin Bag

Inspired by modern city living, it’s no surprise this sharp looking Cabin Bag features RFID protection. A member of Briggs & Riley’s Kinzie Street collection, the hybrid design is essential for any urban professional. From day bag and brief to overnighter, it steps up to every situation and simplifies your life with its incredible versatility.

Neat, yet spacious, this slate-grey bag is voluminous enough to accommodate business and personal essentials whilst staying sleek and minimal. Internally, a textured, herringbone fabric lining is soft, durable and treats your items with the respect they deserve. Padded slip pockets for a 15.6” laptop and tablet cradle your tech, whilst top grain leather tabs and pen loops keep pens, cords, earbuds and USBs in elegant order.

Kinzie Street Cabin Bag, £219.00, Briggs & Riley

Two RFID blocking pockets feature, the first is handy for storing credit cards and is situated in the inside front pocket, whilst the second comes in the form of a hidden privacy pocket on the bag’s back panel, making it ideal for quick and safe access to passports or ID cards.

Whether you’re hopping between business meetings or countries, this cabin sized brief and day bag keeps you professional and protected, wherever in the world you may be.

Mini Mount 10" Leather Backpack

The Mini Mount may be small but it sure packs a punch with its fiery chilli shade and luxurious undertones. Designed by Knomo, this chic design arises from the brand’s coveted Mayfair Luxe collection and is crafted from a beautiful, full grain leather in a vibrant red colour.

A refreshing alternative to bulky backpacks, the Mini Mount is brilliant for travelling light. Compact in size but big on functionality, the bag makes optimum use of space. Its fully lined, biscuit-hued interior features a padded section for a tablet or iPad and plenty of compartments and slots for cards, pens and small items. The front pocket is RFID protected, making it a safe space to store your credit cards, passport and phone.

Mini Mount 10” Leather Backpack in Chilli, £199.00, Knomo

The easy-going nature and hip style of the Mini Mount is sure to seduce fashionable freelancers and mobile workers. If you spend most of your time working or hanging out in public spaces, the RFID protection offered by this Knomo bag promises to shield you from digital pickpockets wherever you work.

Image Credit: Jekyll & Hide

Berlin Leather Four-Wheel RFID Business Trolley

Busy airport crowds, swarming train stations and packed coffee shops - the journey of a travelling business professional is a hotbed for wireless data theft. ID cards, passports, business credit cards and travel cards are all vulnerable in public areas, so how do you protect them? Don’t leave home without an RFID protected suitcase.

The Berlin Business Trolley by Jekyll & Hide is a beautiful example of the type of luxury RFID luggage available on the Global Luggage website. Constructed from a vegetable tanned, full grain leather in an exquisite tobacco shade, the cabin case is designed to age beautifully and with heaps of character. Durable and tough, the leather is moisture resistant and incredibly strong, meaning this case will look dapper for years to come.

Berlin 4 Wheel Business Trolley, £539.10, Jekyll & Hide

Don’t be fooled by the Berlin’s vintage-style exterior, this business trolley is digitally inclined when it comes to design. A fully secured and padded 15” laptop area features on the case’s inside front lid, whilst a bottom external RFID pocket protects your cards and passport. Business travellers will additionally love the design’s removable shirt bag with a folding shirt board that promises to keep your garments neat and wrinkle-free in transit.


If you’re worried about the safety of your digital items in this modern, wireless world RFID protection will give you peace of mind. Lucky for you, we have an abundance of ultra stylish RFID designs available on the Global Luggage website, from luxury RFID luggage to chic RFID backpacks. Simply look out for the “RFID” sign when scrolling through our products.