Over a hundred years of design evolution has propelled Samsonite into one of the most innovative luggage brands of today. Since its humble beginnings back in 1910, the brand has introduced novel and pioneering designs throughout the decades.

Image Credit: Samsonite

From creating the first ever magnesium reinforced ABS briefcase in the 1960s, to crafting the pioneering Curv material into covetable suitcases for 2008. How did Samsonite get to be the leading travel and accessory brand it is today? And why are its designs so damn good? Read on to find out!


Who invented Samsonite? That would be a chap called Jesse Shwayder. In 1910 Denver, Shwayder spotted a gap in the market for luxury luggage suitable for the elite. Travel at the beginning of the 20th Century was seen as a high-end endeavour and almost exclusively for the rich and privileged. Consequently, stylish and high-quality luggage solutions were needed for the upper class to travel in comfort.

In the 1940s, Samsonite took the wooden trunk style of travel gear that was popular at the time and evolved it into the Streamlite collection. This involved covering the wooden frame with vulcanised fibre with a rawhide effect to create a leather look that was more durable, practical and stylish than using real leather. The cutting-edge, Classic Attaché – the magnesium reinforced ABS briefcase – came next in the 1960s, followed by Samsonite’s first suitcase on wheels in the 1970s.

Classic Attaché - Image Credit: Samsonite

Samsonite continued to evolve throughout the decades to become one of the most innovative luggage brands of the modern age. From those original robust wooden trunks to today’s ground-breaking Cosmolite collection, Samsonite’s designs have consistently broken boundaries in luggage design.

Take a look at Samsonite’s history and innovation timeline below, it’s pretty impressive:


  •     1910: the Shwayder Brothers (the company’s original founders) manufacture robust wooden trunks for world travellers
  •     1941: the Streamlite line is born – wooden cases are covered with a rawhide effect, vulcanised fibre to create a leather look
  •     1962: the brand ventures into the business market and creates the Classic Attaché, the first magnesium reinforced ABS-document case for business people
  •     1974: Samsonite introduces wheels to its suitcases for seamless manoeuvrability
  •     1986: Oyster is created, the first suitcase with a three-point lock system
  •     1989: Travelling with multiple suitcases just got easier thanks to Samsonite creating the first ever suitcase with a piggyback system
  •     1993: the brand creates the first Handy Case, a new concept for feminine luggage
  •     2002: the company designs the first product with a rigid and lightweight shell structure, by over-injecting thermo-formed panels
  •     2005: the first multi-point lock system is integrated into Samsonite’s suitcases

Cosmolite - Image Credit: Samsonite

  •      2008: Samsonite takes the innovative Curv® material and creates its strongest and lightest suitcase ever: Cosmolite
  •     2010: Lightness continues to be taken seriously in the form of B-Lite: the lightest softside Samsonite suitcase ever
  •     2011: Advanced Hybrid Technology is developed and included in the new ranges Cordoba Duo and Sahora Regeneration
  •      2012: a new revolutionary polypropylene material called Flowlite is used to create an extremely lightweight, three-point lock, polypropylene collection
  •     2013: Cosmolite evolves into a lighter version of itself and weighs only 1.8kg for the 55cm spinner
  •     2014: the revolutionary Curv® material is used to create Lite-Locked: an amazingly lightweight collection that is incredibly secure thanks to its three-point locking system

Samsonite Today

Since the turn of the millennium, Samsonite’s new generation of suitcases have catapulted the brand into one of the most sought-after travel and lifestyle companies in the world. Designs are constantly evolving to provide solutions to the ever-changing and fast pace world of travel. Premium aesthetics combined with high-tech functionality and great value for money continue to attract travellers from all walks of life.

But which Samsonite luggage is the best? Ranges such as Cosmolite, Flux and B-Lite particularly impress with their lightness, strength and distinctive aesthetics.

Image Credit: Samsonite


This exquisite luggage range is coveted the world over by hip bloggers, trendy travellers and the general fash-pack. Flaunting iridescent shades, seashell-inspired designs and mesmerising ripples, Cosmolite is the ultimate piece of luxury luggage. Not just a pretty face, this chic design skillfully blends strength with lightness thanks to its revolutionary Curv technology.

Cosmolite Large Spinner - £455.00

What’s Curv? Curv is a state-of-the-art material made by Propex in Germany and is exclusive to Samsonite in the luggage market. It’s incredibly light, meaning you can maximise your baggage allowance without worrying about exceeding the airline's weight limit. And if you’re thinking lightweight means weak, think again. Curv’s unique self-reinforced design adds strength and protection, minus the bulk. But wait, there’s more to this amazing material; its woven technology is incredibly impact resistant and shock absorbing, even at low temperatures.

Durable and drop-dead gorgeous, Cosmolite will travel with you to the ends of the earth and back, and still look amazing after countless adventures, even if you don’t!

Image credit: Samsonite


Flow smoothly from one destination to the next with Samsonite’s Flux range. Bold, voluminous and agile, this fashionable collection is designed to make travel stylish, effortless and carefree.

Light and flexible, Flux is the product of years of polypropylene knowledge and iconic style. Cutting-edge and modern, the sculptured cases come in an assortment of tempting colourways, which promise to brighten up the airport queues in no time. Tangerine reds, ocean blues, minimal blacks and fresh whites are sure to tempt all types of personalities, whilst their polypropylene constructions ensure durability and resilience, making them perfect for frequent flyers.

Flux Large Spinner - £189.00

If you love hard side cases but hate how restrictive they can be, Flux may surprise you. Samsonite’s first ever expandable hard side, this beauty is a life saver for those who like to travel with everything but the kitchen sink. The expandability is concealed to maintain Flux’s clean lines and minimal shape, but offers extra packing volumes to accommodate that duty-free shopping spree before your flight home.

Image credit: Samsonite


Do you prefer the flexibility of soft-sided cases? The beautiful B-Lite range is sure to impress. Samsonite’s lightest soft sides, these sophisticated suitcases have been one of the brand’s best sellers for years. Thanks to its varied size assortment, such as extra wide cabin bags, you’re sure to find a size and shape from this versatile collection to suit your travelling needs.

Of course, the B-Lite range is just that – incredibly light. But did you know it’s also exceptionally strong? Highly resistant trim materials and triple, 360-degree corner protection ensure these cases will be around for many adventures to come. Light suitcases mean extra packing room - combine this with optimised volumes and a 3cm expansion system and you’ve yet another Samsonite case that allows you to pack that extra pair of shoes, even if you’ll probably never wear them!

B-Lite 3 Four-Wheel Large Expandable Suitcase - £157.50

Exceptional Quality and Value

Are Samsonite suitcases worth the money? In a nutshell, yes! Samsonite manages to combine what many luxury luggage companies fail – quality and value. With many of its designs under £200, you don’t have to be a first-class traveller to own a piece of innovative luggage that will last for years.

But if Samsonite designs are cheaper, they must be of lesser quality than other premium luggage brands? Ever since its first wooden luggage boxes were manufactured back in 1910, Samsonite has been committed to providing the best quality designs for travellers. To ensure quality control, Samsonite produces many of its designs, such as Cosmolite, Neopulse and Lite-Box, in Europe. Production plants are based in Belgium and Hungary to guarantee high-security standards, short transportation distances and fair working conditions for their employees.

Furthermore, before each product comes to market, it’s put through stringent quality tests that trial tumbling, handling, dropping, wheeling, zip quality and locking. It’s safe to say when your Samsonite travel companion heads out on its first adventure, it will be ready for anything life throws at it!


If you’re seeking a piece of innovative luggage with cutting-edge style and brilliant value, then Samsonite is your hero brand. Thanks to its diverse collection of travel gear, there’s sure to be a smart-looking design to suit your individual style and travel destination. Check out our Samsonite offering here.