Whether you’re a frequent flyer or annual traveller, don’t leave home without a bag full of savvy travel accessories. These beauties transform your trip from tiresome and difficult to one that is simple, fluid and stress-free. Now, who wouldn’t want to travel like that?

From power purses that discreetly charge your phone to trendy travel document wallets that elegantly organise all your essentials, we’ve collated a list of the most stylish travel accessories for women available. Maybe you’re heading out to Ibiza with the girls, or travelling business class for an important meeting. Whatever type of trip you’re embarking on, these travel essentials will ensure your journey is seamless from start to finish.

The best travel accessories for women:

Charge Purse:

When travelling, you never quite know where the next power point is. But thanks to this elegant charging purse by Knomo, you don’t need to worry about running out of juice again, wherever in the world you may be! The luxurious design charges your phone up to 1.5 times, plus, it has plenty of space for other travel essentials such as lip balm, makeup, money and tickets.

stylish travel accessories for women

Knomo Mayfair Luxe Bond Smart Phone Charge Purse in Navy, £99.00

Mini Polaroid Camera:

Capture your adventures instantly with this cute Instax Mini Camera by Fuji. The cool cam immediately prints credit-card sized photographs for you to keep forever. Not only does it look super hip with its canary yellow colour and funky retro style, but is also compact enough to fit into your handbag or clutch.

stylish travel accessories for women

Fuji Instax Mini 8 + 10 shots, £69.99

Hanging Wash Bag:

Who wants to waste time unpacking and organising their toiletries on holiday? You don’t have to with this Hanging Tri-fold Wash Bag by Bric’s. The nifty pouch unfolds quickly and features a hook that hangs on the hotel room’s bathroom door. Now your toothbrush, shampoo and razors are instantly accessible and you don’t even have to unpack!

stylish travel accessories for women

Bric’s Life Hanging Tri-fold Wash Bag in Olive, £130.00

Travel Beauty Kit:

Leave all your bulky lotions and potions at home and take this In Transit Short Haul Set by This Works instead. The handy set consists of quick cleansing pads that swiftly remove your makeup and an SPF moisturiser to protect you from the sun’s glare. What more do you need?

stylish travel accessories for women

This Works In Transit Short Haul, £34.50

RFID Wallet:

Crowds of people are unavoidable when travelling. Whether you’re waiting at the airport or watching a concert in the sun, your credit cards and passport are at the risk of data theft from digital pickpockets. Secrid’s Leather Mini Wallet stops this by using RFID to protect your privacy and money. Extra compartments mean it can also double up as a travel document wallet – cool!

stylish travel accessories for women

Secrid Leather Mini Wallet in Glamour Azur, £59.95 

Portable Speaker:

Soundtrack your holiday with this stylish BeoPlay A1 Bluetooth Speaker by Bang & Olufson. Small, light and powerful, the stylish speaker allows you to blast out the tunes anywhere, from the hotel room to the beach. Just don’t blame us if you get a noise complaint!

stylish travel accessories for women

BeoPlay A1 Bluetooth Speaker by Bang & Olufson, £199.00

Passport holder:

Organise all your travel essentials with this luxurious Leather Passport Holder by Visconti. Crafted from a premium Italian leather, the wallet also makes a charming travel document holder thanks to its multitude of compartments which are handy for stashing tickets, boarding passes, notes and receipts.

stylish travel accessories for women

Visconti Leather Passport Wallet in Red, £16.00

Chic Pashmina:

Even if you’re heading to tropical climes, a fashionable cover up is a travel essential as chilly planes and breezy evenings can leave you shivering. This smart Ghazoa Light Grey Scarf by Isabel Marant is perfect for wrapping around your shoulders when you get cold and is lightweight enough to carry in your boarding luggage or beach bag.

stylish travel accessories for women

Isabel Marant Ghazoa Light Grey Scarf, £145.00 

Have we missed anything? What are your favourite travel essentials you simply can’t go abroad without?

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