This article will show you the most luxurious lightweight suitcases this season, perfect for carting your gifts and goodies safely overseas for a chic and stylish Christmas.

Samsonite Look Style
Image credit: Samsonite
Sipping mulled wine, catching up with old friends, munching mince pies in front of crackling fires – Christmas IS the most wonderful time of the year! Travelling around the festive period, however, isn’t. Manic crowds, awful weather and unreliable transport - not to mention lugging around hefty luggage crammed full of presents - is enough to turn anyone into a grumpy old Scrooge. How does Santa do it?

But before you say ‘bah humbug’, take a gander at our range of luxury lightweight suitcases. These premium designs promise to help you navigate the Christmas rush hour better than Mr Claus. With feather-light volumes, expandable features, durable materials and irresistible aesthetics, these covetable cases are sure to keep your festive spirits high – no matter how tedious the journey!

Read on to discover our recommended luxury lightweight suitcases…

briggs and riley sympatico suitcase

Briggs & Riley’s Sympatico Medium Expandable Suitcase, £499.00

In a delectable mulled wine shade, the Sympatico by Briggs & Riley oozes festive glamour. Its metallic gleam and sleek styling are bound to dazzle friends and family when you rock up at Christmas.

The standout feature of the Sympatico, however, is not its luminous looks, but its state-of-the-art CX™ technology. This is brilliantly handy if you need extra packing space for all those presents - a whopping 17% of extra packing space, to be exact.

But won’t an expanded suitcase be cumbersome and bulky? Not this one. Thanks to the design’s innovative technology, the frame compresses back down to its original size and, hey presto! It’s back to its svelte shape again. Who wants to be heaving an awkward suitcase around with them during the party season? Not us. This malleable case is like a dream come true.

Not only is the Sympatico wonderfully versatile, but beautifully organised too. Messy packers have no excuse for a disordered suitcase anymore thanks to the design’s built-in suiter and garment compression panels. Situated on the inside lid, this luxury feature ensures your formal suits or festive frocks stay pristine and wrinkle-free.

A fashion-focused suitcase that effortlessly accommodates your holiday essentials, whilst keeping your gifts and party ensembles safely separated, the Sympatico is like all your Christmases have come at once.


samsonite cosmolite suitcase

Samsonite’s Cosmolite Large Suitcase, £385.00

The holidays are coming and you’re brimming with excitement about seeing old friends and family. But the thought of travelling across the country, loaded up with heavy bags packed full of clothes and gifts, fills you with dread… What if your bag bursts? How are you going to carry it all? Cosmolite to the rescue! Strong as an ox and light as a feather, this heroic case gives you the strength and flexibility to glide through the Christmas season in style.

How can a suitcase be tough yet virtually weightless? Because of an incredible material called Curv®, that’s how. This revolutionary technology, designed by Propex, is exclusively used by Samsonite in its designs to create one of the most resilient and lightweight suitcases available. Weighing in at a dainty 2.8kg, the Cosmolite allows you to pack in all your Christmas essentials, whilst being an absolute breeze to handle.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Cosmolite is ever so pretty as well. With its mesmerising ripples and glossy black finish, this stunning suitcase is living proof that fashion can be functional. Essential for trendy travellers, it’s impossible to look anything but graceful, chic and carefree with this divine suitcase by your side.


brics luggage life four suitcase

Bric’s Life Medium Suitcase, £345.00

Travel like the stylish Milanese this Christmas with the exquisite Life Medium Suitcase. Designed by Italian brand Bric’s, the charming case reminds us of luxurious bygone travels, with its vintage-style distressed aesthetic, muted olive hue and contrasting Tuscan leather trims.  

Proving that lightweight suitcases aren’t always crafted from high-tech and ultra-modern materials, this soft micro-suede design weighs a feathery 3.6kg. So go ahead and load up the bag with gifts, dancing shoes, party clothes and Christmas essentials, without worrying about the added bulk. Worried about packing those odd-shaped gifts? (You know – the ones that are a nightmare to wrap!) The soft-side nature of this design is more malleable than most hard-side cases, making it easier to pack awkward shapes. Phew!

Whatever your mode of transport this season, be it plane, train or automobile, Life’s four high-quality, swivelling wheels allow you to effortlessly swerve the crowds with their 360-degree navigation, whilst two generous exterior pockets keep your tickets and travel essentials close to hand. Buon Natale everyone! (That’s Happy Christmas in Italian, FYI…)


ted baker evilie suitcase

Ted Baker’s Evillie Metallic Trim Small Suitcase, £225.00

If the thought of pulling along a bursting suitcase causes you to break out in a cold sweat, the svelte Evillie is a lifesaver. Maybe you’re on a whistle-stop trip to see your loved ones and are only staying for a couple of days? In which case, this petite suitcase is an absolute godsend.

Essential for those who desire to travel light and carefree, Evillie transforms your Christmas travels into a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Luxuriously lightweight at only 3kg, the compact case is designed to give you minimal hassle, whatever your mode of transport.

With contemporary rose gold details, a sleek silhouette and cute button-design wheels, why leave the Evillie in the house when you hit your destination? This darling is made to be seen. The small and simple design is effortless and gorgeous, allowing you to transition gracefully from train to bar. Heading to the Christmas markets? Not a  problem. Evillie’s all-spinning, all-gliding, multi-directional wheels will move smoothly through the crowds as easy as Santa’s sleigh.

After you’ve caught up with friends and had one too many eggnogs, the suitcase’s gorgeous lined interior has it together, even if you don’t. Flaunting a bespoke butterfly printed lining, Evillie’s interior denotes a stylish air no matter how messy your packing may be!


transcend medium expandable spinner suitcase

Briggs & Riley’s Transcend Medium Expandable Spinner, £419

The name says it all. The Transcend Expandable Spinner promises to elevate your Christmas travels into a seamless and stress-free experience. In a rich ‘merlot red’ shade, the spinner’s two-tone nylon twill fabrication combines lightness with strength, proving elegance and durability can co-exist.

But it’s versatility and flexibility where the Transcend shines. Its VX™ variable expansion system offers an extra 2.5" of customisable packing capacity, which allows the bag to adapt to suit your travelling needs. This is great news if you happen to return with more presents than you set out with! Imagine not being able to bring all your gifts home because your suitcase can’t accommodate them? Nightmare!

But aren’t excessively expanded suitcases terribly bulky and more susceptible to rips? Not if you purchase a Briggs & Riley design they aren’t. These chaps are so fiercely dedicated to quality and craftsmanship they offer a lifetime warranty on all their cases. The Transcend, in particular, is engineered to keep a sturdy yet sleek shape when expanded, whilst its durable nylon twill fabric can withstand wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion.

So if your journey home this year involves transporting a shedload of gifts through snow, wind and rain choose the Transcend. This stunning jewel-tone suitcase offers exceptional reliability and versatility, whilst promising to look dapper for years to come.


Rimowa Salsa Air in Guard Red

Rimowa Salsa Air Multiwheel Large Suitcase, £429.00

Warning. Rolling this beauty home with you may induce looks of envy from fellow travellers. Not just because of its statement red hue or iconic ‘aircraft groove’ design, but because… well, it’s a Rimowa. Revered by celebrities and high flyers worldwide, Rimowa is THE luggage of choice for the international jet set elite. And let’s face it, nothing screams ‘festive’ like a gleaming red suitcase! Yep, this Salsa Air is definitely more exciting than a white Christmas.

Designed to uplift your journey in more ways than one, the Salsa Air’s shell combines a stimulating aesthetic with light-as-air materials. Crafted from a virtually weightless polycarbonate, this Rimowa design weighs a feather-light 3.3kg, making it one of the most lightweight suitcases available. Combine this with multi-directional wheels and your journey home will be more exhilarating than flying in Santa’s sleigh.

Ok, we get it, the polycarbonate material is cool – but won’t a hard-side case be inflexible and prone to breakages? No. This is a Rimowa we’re talking about here – the brand that takes materials from modern-day aircraft and transforms them into robust yet resilient suitcases. Not only is the Salsa Air’s polycarbonate shell amazingly lightweight and tough, but surprisingly flexible too. Apply pressure to this tough cookie and it will yield to avoid breakages and ping back to its original form unscathed. Brilliant if you’re travelling halfway across the world to return home, and the thought of those baggage handlers mistreating your Rimowa makes you queasy!

Speaking of long-haul trips – if you’ve had enough of chilly old Britain and fancy a more exotic Christmas, DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THE SALSA AIR. This all-weather resistant suitcase can withstand temperatures from -100°C to +125°. So yes, you can drag it through fleets of snow, thunderstorms and tropical heat, without it melting, bursting or shrinking.

From sun-drenched beaches to snowy Alpine mountains, this cherry red suitcase makes the most exquisite travel companion all year round, proving that a Rimowa suitcase is for life, not just for Christmas…



Whether your festive holidays involves cosy gatherings in your family home, or jetting off to sample the world’s best Christmas markets, our collection of lightweight suitcases promise a first-class travel experience, wherever your destination. If you’re thirsty for more light and luxurious designs, do check out our lightweight suitcase range here. Featuring high-end luxury brands such as Rimowa and Jekyll and Hide, you’re bound to find the suitcase of your dreams to take you from airport lounge to tropical lagoon!