Honeymoons are the best part of weddings! After the excitement (and stress) of your Big Day, exploring exotic beaches with your loved one is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t ruin it by packing last minute and travelling unprepared! Lucky for you, this article contains some handy tips on what to pack for a honeymoon, as well an essential honeymoon checklist, so you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.

How to Pack for a Honeymoon

Be Prepared

If you’re hitting the honeymoon slap bang after the wedding, be sure to plan your packing list at least a week before. Rushing last minute and forgetting to pack essential honeymoon items could potentially ruin your holiday.

Travel Light

Rimowa Salsa Suitcase in Red

To ensure your travels are fun, carefree, and romantic from start to finish, travel light. No one wants to be lugging heavy luggage around on their honeymoon. Only pack essential clothes and items, and invest in an ultra-lightweight suitcase that’s a breeze to handle. Rimowa’s Salsa Air Multiwheel Medium Suitcase in Guards Red offers just the right amount of luxury and lightness, making it a covetable choice for your romantic travels. Crafted from a feather-light polycarbonate material, in the colour of love, the gorgeous case offers 360° rotating wheels for effortless navigation.

If you’re honeymooning on a short break then consider travelling cabin luggage only. Check out our Cabin Luggage Comparison study to discover which cases are the lightest, smallest, voluminous, and most versatile.

Keep Valuables Safe

Keep all your important documents and valuables, such as hotel bookings, currency, iPads, travel insurance, expensive jewellery, and addresses in your hand luggage. Any room left? Fit as many outfits as possible in your bag. Because if your luggage goes missing, and you’re left with no clothes to wear and zero money to spend, your special holiday will be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Streamline Your Toiletries

As you’re on your honeymoon, chances are you’re staying in a swanky accommodation. High-end hotels tend to provide complimentary, lavish toiletries, therefore check before you travel which toiletries are provided. There’s a good chance you can leave your shampoo, shower gel, and moisturiser behind.

Honeymoon Packing Checklist

Couple hugging in Sunlight on a Beach

Of course, the contents of your honeymoon checklist depends on where you’re going, and you don’t need us to tell you to pack a bikini if you’re honeymooning on the beach. Our list is honeymoon specific and features ideas you may not include in your usual holiday packing template. So basics aside, this is what we recommend to pack for your honeymoon:

Dressy/Special Outfits

This ain’t no normal holiday. You’re celebrating one of the most important events of your life, so pack a couple of show-stopping dresses or dapper suits to ensure you feel a million dollars every time you leave the hotel.

New Lingerie and Nightwear

Ladies - surprise your hubby on the first night with gorgeous lingerie he’s never seen before. Pack a slinky nightdress also, to ensure you feel glamorous for the rest of the holiday. Guys - invest in some new designer undergarments and night/casual wear. Holey underpants are unacceptable on your honeymoon…

Wedding Jewellery and Accessories

Prolong the magic of your wedding day by bringing any special jewellery or accessories you adorned on the day. This will promote a fluid theme throughout your wedding and honeymoon photos, as well as making you feel extra special throughout the holiday.

Wedding Perfume

It’s been proven, scents create memories, so why not pack your bridal perfume? The sweet aroma will remind you of your wedding and honeymoon for years to come.

Essential Beauty Products and Grooming Items

We’re all for taking a laidback approach on your travels, but a bare face and beachy hair simply won’t cut it on this holiday. Honeymoon photos are on display forever, therefore, you want to look your beautiful preened best. Don’t leave home without electrical shavers, razors, shaving cream, frizz tamer, after sun, hair dryers/straighteners, and waterproof makeup.

Couple on a Beach in sunset

Music and Speakers

We all have THAT song which reminds us of a specific epic holiday. Create a playlist with both of your favourite tunes, as well as songs played at your wedding, for a double dose of romantic nostalgia. Don’t forget a speaker so you can make musical vibes at the beach come sunset.


Yes, iPhones take amazing photos these days. But this is your honeymoon and it deserves high resolution, beautiful photos that can be blown up and printed on a mug, or whatever. Make sure to backup the photos online regularly, because a lost camera on your honeymoon means lost memories.


Birth control may be tricky to find or unreliable in a different country. If you want to keep the first few years of your marriage as a twosome, then pack the contraception.


Travel sickness and stomach bugs may be the last thing you want to think about on your special trip, but nothing ruins a honeymoon like a bout of the runs. Trying to find medicine in a country that speaks a foreign language will be a stressful experience, so head to your local pharmacy before you travel and stock up on essential pills, medicines, and potions.

Points to Remember

Bridal shoes and champagne on a beach

  • Be prepared. Avoid last-minute packing stress by packing as much as you can before the wedding.
  • Invest in a lightweight and luxurious suitcase to start your travels in the most exquisite style.
  • Plan your outfits. Remember, this isn’t your average holiday. Your honeymoon photos will be on display for the rest of your life, so you want to look as amazing as possible.
  • From nightwear to wining and dining, invest in brand new, dressy clothing for all the special occasions on your trip. Your honeymoon is an extension of your wedding, therefore, only the best will do!
  • Try and keep your wedding theme running throughout the honeymoon by bringing perfume, accessories, and music used on your wedding day.