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Hitting the road is meant to be exciting and fun, so don’t let chaotic packing or lost money turn your dream holiday into a nightmare! How? Get travel savvy and invest in a bunch of intelligent travel accessories. From invisible money belts that make you feel like a spy, to suave travel wallets favoured by style-conscious jetsetters, we have an impressive collection of luxury travel accessories available on the Global Luggage website that is bound to impress even the most seasoned of travellers!

Security Belts

Picture the scene. You’ve spent the day admiring Barcelona’s magical architecture and are about to grab a San Miguel to watch the sunset. Sounds like heaven? But when you ask for la carta your wallet is nowhere to be seen. Damn it! A pickpocket must have nabbed your cash whilst you were busy gawping at the Sagrada Familia…

Do you want to be a naive traveller? No, thought not. None of the above would have happened with the simple addition of a security belt. One of the savviest travel accessories you can own, a security belt, or money belt, makes you feel like James Bond… as well as making it virtually impossible for people with slippery fingers to steal from you.


Money Minder, £9.00, Go Travel

The above Go Travel Money Minder, for example, is ultra discreet and designed to hide underneath your clothing so no one knows you’re wearing it, apart from you. A zipped pocket offers further security and two compartments are handy for stashing money, tickets and even a passport.

This nifty travel accessory totally eradicates the need to persistently guard your pockets or handbag when travelling, allowing you to enjoy and relax on your next mission… or holiday. Whatever, your secret’s safe with us…

Locks and Straps

So, your cash and passports are safely secured underneath your clothing, but what about your luggage? Suitcases can be like unruly children when travelling. Take your eye off them for one second and you could have a missing case on your hands.

Unlike naughty children, you can tie your suitcases up. A cable lock is brilliant for this. Ideal for when you’re travelling with several suitcases, a cable lock secures all your luggage together so there’s no chance of one of them getting lost in the airport crowd. Alternatively, the cable can be tied to any permanent fixture, preventing it from going walkabout the minute you turn your head.


Combination Cable Lock, £11.00, Go Travel

We love this Combination Cable Lock by Go Travel. Firstly its bright purple – who said travel accessories had to be boring? Secondly, it features a combination lock, which is easy to set using a code of your choosing, meaning you don’t have to faff about with a set of keys that could easily be lost. And finally, the steel cable is ultra tough and can be easily wrapped around tricky shaped items. Cool!

Travel Wallets

Don’t be the traveller that keeps his ticket crumpled up inside his back pocket. Don’t be the traveller that freaks out she’s lost her passport every five minutes only to find it at the bottom of her bag. Instead, be that enviable traveller who is blissfully organised and effortlessly stylish thanks to the simple addition of a luxurious travel wallet.

Woodstock Travel Wallet, £89.00, Jekyll & Hide

This exquisite design by Jekyll & Hide is sure to make your jet-setting mates turn green with jealousy. Beautifully handcrafted from the finest leather, the Woodstock Travel Wallet is designed to age elegantly. Even after years of globetrotting, the leather will mature like a fine wine and ooze that desirable distressed vibe.


Internally, the wallet is decked out with 22 card slots, a pen loop, and space for all your travel accessories, such as cash, tickets and a passport. Sporting a slim design, the Woodstock can easily slip inside your handbag or luggage pocket for safekeeping. Too good-looking for just travel purposes, use the chic wallet on your daily commute or for weekend activities. This smart fellow deserves to be seen.

Wash Bags

Uh oh. You’re unpacking on the first day of your holiday and a shampoo explosion has ruined your brand new shirt. This could have been avoided by the simple investment of a wash bag. Perfect for keeping all your toiletries organised and contained in case of leakages and said explosion, wash bags should be a staple piece of every serious traveller’s arsenal.


Express Toiletry Kit, £44.99, Briggs & Riley

We have some pretty sweet designs available for you to choose from, in particular, the above Express Toiletry Kit from Briggs & Riley’s BRX range. Boasting a sporty aesthetic and unique cylindrical design, the bag catches your eye with its bold, two-tone styling and subtle, electric orange accent.  Wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion resistant, the kit’s 420D nylon, 600D polyester and water-resistant tarpaulin fabrication is designed for durability and longevity.

The Express unzips to reveal two compartments handy for keeping your toiletries separated. Wet items and liquids, such as face cloths, shampoo and cologne are safe inside the gusseted u-zip wet pocket, which features a water-resistant lining to minimize leaks, whilst the second gusseted u-zip pocket is perfect for dry items.


Designed for swift and efficient use, this iconic wash bag can be whipped out of your luggage and hung instantly thanks to its webbing Velcro® strap. If you want your belongings to arrive in pristine condition, the sharp-looking Express Toilet Kit will keep your lotions and potions safely and stylishly stored away.


Whether you’re running to work or gallivanting across the globe, a bunch of rattling keys is sure to cramp your style. Enter Orbitkey. This cool phenomenon is like a strict school teacher for your keys. Not only does it keep them quiet, but also keeps them neat and ordered, as well as preventing them from damaging valuables, such as scratching your mobile phone.

2.0 Active, £35.00, Orbitkey

It’s not all rules and regulations, however, the Orbitkey may keep your keys well behaved but it knows how to have fun. The designs are quirky and cool, and are available in a selection of fashionable textures and playful colourways. Take the Orbitkey 2.0 Active in Peach/Echo for example. Its fruity shade and shiny rubbery material offers a stylish home for 2-7 keys, whilst the brand’s innovative integrated locking mechanism keeps them securely in place.

Made from a durable, dirt resistant and water resistant TPU polymer, this 2.0 Active series is made for sporty types and those who love the great outdoors. Whatever your activity, you can run, jog, climb or jump to your heart’s content with the Orbitkey and not one jangle will be heard – bliss!

Packing Accessories

Does your suitcase look like a bomb’s hit it when you reach your destination? There are travel accessories that can help with this! From packing cubes to toothbrush guards, Global Luggage has everything you need to master the art of packing.

Packing Cubes

If your packing style involves chucking half your wardrobe inside your case and hoping for the best then have you thought about packing cubes? These handy little chaps keep your clothing neat, wrinkle-free and exquisitely organised. We love this pack of Go Travel Luggage Organisers. It offers small, medium and large cubes which are brilliant for keeping small items, such as socks, ties and accessories, separate from larger garments.


Luggage Organisers, £9.99, Go Travel

Why not up your packing game and use these cubes to plan outfits? This cool technique is especially handy if you’re travelling to multiple destinations. Pack all the outfits you need for the next destination inside one cube and when you arrive at the hotel room, simply unzip your case, take out the cube and whip out your ensemble. Who wants to unpack their entire suitcase for one night just to find that floral dress? Not us!

Shoe Bags

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, no one wants to rock up to their destination with shoe dirt all over their clothes. On the other end of the spectrum, an oil spillage on those new leather brogues equals nightmare travel scenario. What’s the solution? Shoe Bags. Not only do these travel accessories protect your clothing from dirty footwear, but they also keep your shoes safe, shiny and scratch-free.


Shoe Bags, £45.00, Tumi

For the ultimate protection, choose these nylon Shoe Bags by Tumi. Boasting a durable construction that is super resistant to wear and tear, the pouches promise to last for many adventures to come, whilst a drawstring closure keeps the shoes securely inside the bags.

Toothbrush Guards

Is the inside of your washbag covered in toothpaste stains? If the answer is yes, you’ll be needing these Go Travel Toothbrush Shields.


Toothbrush Shields, £5.00, Go Travel

Whether your toothbrush is electric or good old-fashioned manual, these shields keep those bristles clean and protected. As well as being antibacterial, the shields keep your washbag dry and free of those unsightly toothpaste stains. With 4 supplied in a pack, these plastic toothbrush covers are handy for all the family.

There’s no excuse to be a disorganised and scatty traveller any more thanks to our awesome travel accessories. Browse the entire range here and remember, you can always rely on Global Luggage to think of everything you need for a comfortable and well-organised trip!