The number one choice of luggage connoisseurs around the globe, TUMI is arguably the world’s leading international business, accessory and travel lifestyle brand.

Image credit: Tumi

Since its inception in 1975, TUMI has provided well-heeled travellers with exceptionally made, high performing travel bags for over 4 decades. With pioneering concepts such as the brand’s TUMI tracer system, signature FXT ballistic nylon® fabrications and NASCAR approved Tegris shells, it’s easy to see why.

As more amazing TUMI products drop on the Global Luggage website this month, we shine a light on the brand, explore its newest additions and take a look at its best-selling ranges to help you choose the best TUMI bag for you.

The TUMI Difference

Why does everyone praise TUMI? Because it takes the quality and functionality of its products incredibly seriously. The company calls this the TUMI Difference. Every inch of a product’s design, from screws to fabric, is painstakingly tested to ensure optimum performance. Before a product comes to market, it’s put through a whopping 30 tests. These tests include Product Safety, Drop Tests, Tear and Seam Strength, Abrasion Resistance and many, many more. If you’re looking for a reliable, hard-wearing bag to accompany you on your adventures, TUMI is your go-to brand.


The guys at TUMI are dedicated to creating practical and functional bags that transform your everyday life. How do they do this? After a product is put through the 30 vigorous tests in the lab, it’s released into the real world for performance testing. From durability and usability to style and comfort, each function is tested in every possible scenario a traveller experiences in his or her life. Any design that doesn’t improve or elevate your journey is rejected.

Travel Solutions

TUMI prides itself on offering innovative solutions to typical travelling challenges. Here are a few resolutions the brand claims to solve that have frustrated travellers and commuters for years.



Surely, the bane of air travel is the dreaded airport security queue. Security staff are shouting at everyone to hurry up, people are scrambling about in their bags to check if they’ve left any prohibited items inside, and you’re juggling liquids in one hand and digital devices in the other. The solution? TUMI’s TSA-approved T-Pass® technology. This awesome feature allows you to keep your laptop, iPad or tablet inside your bag as it moves through security for a swift and seamless experience. Cool!


Airports are a digital thief’s playground. Your passport, credit cards or ID cards can be scanned in a second, therefore it’s important to protect them. How? RFID technology. TUMI to the rescue! Most TUMI designs feature a special RFID-blocking ID Lock material in their pocket linings, keeping your valuable information safe and sound.


If travelling light is a strange concept to you, then TUMI’s Add-a-Bag feature is a breath of fresh air. Gone are the days when you leave the house loaded up like a packhorse thanks to this simple yet effective solution. The brand’s patented Add-a-Bag hook on TUMI luggage allows a briefcase or cabin case to be attached for one hand carrying, whilst many of the TUMI business bags, totes and backpacks can be slipped over luggage handles so you can stack and carry multiple items in one go. Travelling has never been so easy!

Innovative Materials

From aeronautics to automotives, TUMI looks to the world’s most innovative industries for inspiration on how to enhance its products. Particularly impressive is its Tegris material, which is used in the brand’s Tegra Lite® luggage range. This incredibly strong, impact resistant and virtually weightless material is used in lifesaving armour, NASCAR race cars, and protective NFL gear. TUMI is the only luggage company that has the worldwide rights to use it in their products.


Tegra-Lite® Max International Expandable Carry-On £645


Alternatively, the brand’s signature FXT ballistic nylon® puts other ballistic nylon bags to shame. The patented material features a unique weave and a special coating to make it amazingly durable and virtually abrasion proof. Since TUMI invented the ballistic nylon material, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

Alpha 2 Front Lid International Ballistic Nylon Carry-On £625


Exceptional Customer Service

TUMI’s dedication to quality runs through all veins of the company, from bag design to customer service. Offering above and beyond aftercare, the company promises to have your back, no matter what the travel dilemma. Broken zipper or handle? Simply head into a Tumi store (with 260 locations across the globe, you’re bound to be in the vicinity of one, no matter how far you travel!) and the staff can instantly repair minor faults on site.


Misplaced your TUMI luggage? The TUMI Tracer® product recovery program will reunite you with your bag if someone finds it. Just make sure you open a TUMI account and register your product online first.

New 2018 Designs

New Alpha Bravo

TUMI’s Alpha Bravo range offers soft, ballistic nylon business bags for the modern professional. From urban-inspired backpacks to contemporary briefcases, these clever bags are designed to transition seamlessly through work, travel and play. New designs to join the iconic Alpha Bravo family over January include the Nellis Backpack, Albany Slim Commuter Brief and Patterson Brief.

A stylish and edgy design to accommodate all your daily essentials and tech, Nellis (above) is perfect for adding a modern update to your work wardrobe. Available in black or navy and black.

The utility-inspired Albany Briefcase (above) boasts style and substance. Its slim form and mix of textures ensure you stay looking polished on the commute, whilst an expandability function offers versatile space. Available in black or navy and black.

If you’re a stickler for organisation, TUMI’s new Patterson Brief (above) is sure to impress. Dual compartments neatly separate business essentials from personal items, whilst dedicatedspaces for a 15” laptop, iPad, business cards, pens, and keys keep your belongings in beautiful order. Essential for neat freaks!

Latitude Luggage

Think beauty, toughness and lightness can’t coexist? Wrong. Tumi breaks boundaries once again with its newest and coolest luggage range – Latitude.

Perhaps the most spectacular TUMI luggage yet, its metallic rippling shells are eye-catching and unique, whilst layers of specially woven, self-reinforced, poly-propylene ballistic material fuse strength with style. This innovative construction allows the outer shell to bend and flex in response to its surroundings, meaning it can withstand high impacts and extreme climates. Essential for glamorous globetrotters, the Latitude is available as Carryon, Short Trip or Extended Trip designs. Coming to the Global Luggage website soon.

Best Selling Ranges

Can’t wait for the new stuff? No problem, Global Luggage stocks a wide collection of TUMI’s most popular designs, which include:


Luxurious, feminine and elegant, TUMI’s Voyageur range is a collection of versatile and lightweight travel bags, backpacks, and accessories for women.

L-R: Halle Backpack £299

& Daniella Backpack £275


Calais Backpack £345

Fashionable backpacks, including the above Halle, Calais and Daniella add a splash of fun to professional gear, whilst the Oslo 4 Wheeled Compact Carryon ensures business-women stay smart and organised on their travels. Other best-selling accessories include the chic Luanda Flight Bag, which can double up as a cosmetics bag or handbag, and the petite Capri Crossbody – perfect for those who like to travel light.

Alpha 2

TUMI’s best-selling Alpha 2 series offers a collection of sharp looking ballistic nylon bags that cater to all your business needs. One high performing top seller is the below Compact Laptop Brief Pack, which allows you to carry all your digital devices and work essentials, minus the bulk.

Compact Laptop Brief Pack £435


Business flyers especially love Alpha 2’s modern travel bags which cure the headache of frequent travel. The Carry-On 4 Wheeled Garment Bag, for example, is easy to roll down the aeroplane aisle and ensures your suits arrive wrinkle-free, whilst TUMI’s 4 Wheeled Compact Brief (below) is like a mini mobile office gliding along beside you. Another popular accoutrement to your travel gear is the Organizer Travel Tote, which organises everything from passports to smartphones.

4 Wheeled Compact Brief £645


19 Degree Aluminium

This iconic TUMI luggage collection is a must-have for every style-conscious traveller. A high-shine silver finish and striking contours promise to elevate your journey into one that is high-tech and luxurious.

19 Degree Aluminium Collection

Crafted from aluminium, each shell elegantly balances strength with lightness and a well-organised interior keeps belongings ordered and neat. Each 19 Degree Aluminium case comes with a variety of vintage-inspired decorative stickers for you to customise on your travels.


Do you have a favourite TUMI bag? Maybe it’s a hardworking laptop backpack that takes you from work to the weekend, or perhaps it’s a tough suitcase that’s travelled to the ends of the earth with you and back!

If you’re looking to update your TUMI collection or buy a TUMI for the first time, Global Luggage stocks a wide range of TUMI luggage and best-selling designs from the brand – take a browse here!