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Suitcases have evolved immensely over the decades, with sci-fi style aluminium shells, in-built technology, multidirectional wheels and ultra-secure locking systems, yet many of us still desire a good old fashioned, vintage suitcase.

Why? Maybe it’s the hipsters’ fascination with all things retro and authentic, or perhaps the country’s obsession with Mad Men is the main culprit. Whatever the reason, old-fashioned luggage is very in fashion at the moment and shows no sign of going anywhere soon.

Artfully distressed materials, rustic leather accents, romantic images of nostalgic travel, steam trains and quaint seaside villages, it’s easy to see why a vintage suitcase is the accoutrement du jour.

Not only does a vintage leather suitcase look effortlessly elegant, but additionally adds character and soul to your travel gear, making it the perfect option to travel in style. Who can resist? Not us.

Why It’s Important to Travel in Style

Back in the day, travelling used to be the epitome of glamour. In the golden age of flying, only the rich and privileged could afford the airfare, meaning planes were wonderfully spacious and decked out with reclining leather seats and exquisitely dressed passengers.

The luggage matched the attire - beautifully made from premium leather with elegant details and contrasting leather accents.

Nowadays, thanks to budget airlines and the popularisation of air travel, flying is akin to getting on your local bus.

Whilst the fact that most people can afford to fly to a different country for their holiday is brilliant, air travel has somewhat lost its extravagance, with travellers being herded like cattle through long security queues and squashed on to stuffy and cramped planes.

Is it any wonder vacationers these days prefer to travel in jogging pants and trainers?

Bric's Vintage Inspired Life Range

So why is it important to travel in style in the modern era? Although flying by air isn’t as exciting as it was in the 1960s, going on holiday is still a special time of the year and should be celebrated through fabulous attire.

Whatever the reason for your trip, from travelling or vacationing to visiting friends and business travel, why not mark the special occasion by making an effort with your style?

Of course, no one’s asking you to travel in a three-piece suit or tight pencil skirt, but swapping the sweatpants for chinos or a comfortable dress is a start.

A vintage leather suitcase is the perfect regalia to your chic travelling ensemble and is brilliant for channelling that old-school charm, without having to dress like Don or Betty Draper…

The Best Vintage Style Luggage

Travelling across the world with an actual vintage suitcase may be a touch impractical. Many of the old-fashioned designs are sans wheels, lacking in pockets and compartments (especially for modern gadgets) and could be on their last legs construction wise.

Don’t fret, - your dreams of travelling like a 1960s starlet can still come true.

Luxury travel brands, such as Bric’s and Jekyll & Hide are heavily inspired by the authenticity and aesthetics of a vintage suitcase, yet incorporate modern amenities, such as padded laptop pockets and RFID panelling, into their designs.

Take a look at our favourite retro-inspired pieces below:

Bric’s Life Collection

Luxurious Italian luggage brand, Bric’s, creates elegant and timeless designs for distinguished travellers. If you’re seeking a vintage style suitcase, its Life collection is sure to tempt with its stylishly distressed materials, rustic olive hues and Tuscan leather trims.

Bric’s Life Pilot Four-Wheel Mobile Office 
Vintage suitcase

Life Pilot Four-Wheel Mobile Office 39cm in Olive, £520.00, Bric's

Could there be a more charming mobile office? Perfect for discerning business travellers, the Pilot looks like an old-school travel case but is in fact thoroughly modern on the inside.

Handcrafted from a sumptuous microsuede, the Pilot’s exterior imitates that of a distressed vintage leather suitcase, whilst a contrasting tan interior looks after all your digital devices and business gear thanks to compartments for a laptop, gadgets, business cards and stationery.

Easy to manoeuvre – roll the mobile office along on its four, smooth-gliding wheels to ensure you don’t break a sweat in your pinstripe suit.

Bric's Life Four-Wheel Medium Suitcase

Life Four-Wheel Medium Suitcase 65cm in Olive, £345.00, Bric's

You can’t get closer to a modern vintage suitcase than Bric’s Life Four-Wheel Suitcase.

This timeless case oozes an old-fashioned Italian vibe and is essential for nostalgic travellers, whilst its lightweight construction, ergonomically designed wheels, practical front pockets and a retractable handle makes it functional for modern travel.

Whether you’re planning a luxurious trip to Rome or aiming for the Amalfi coast, this splendid vintage style suitcase adds class and prestige to your transit.

Bric's Life Small Clipper Holdall

Life Small Clipper Holdall 45cm in Olive, £325.00, Bric's

Another member of the Bric’s timeless Life range includes this rustic weekender. An elegant accompaniment to your vintage suitcase or simply stunning on its own, the Small Clipper Holdall promises to add depth and personality to your travel gear.

The contrasting olive and tan tones are wonderfully timeless, whilst a spacious interior, zipped pockets and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap introduces practicality to the retro weekender.

From country weekend escapes to chic city breaks, the Life Holdall elevates your trip into one that is charming, sophisticated and effortless.

Jekyll & Hide Vintage Suitcase

Every discerning traveller worth their salt knows about Jekyll and Hide. The brand’s luxurious, handcrafted leather and expert craftsmanship make them a magnet for those who love authentic designs and timeless luggage.

Jekyll & Hide Montana Small Leather 15" Laptop Backpack

Montana Small Leather 15" Laptop Backpack in Colt, £299.00, Jekyll & Hide

This delectable Montana Leather Backpack is made for the distinguished explorer, ensuring you stay looking classy whilst travelling or wandering around a European city.

Handcrafted from a premium leather in a handsome colt hue, the Montana is beautifully rustic with a surprisingly highly functional interior.

Internally, two separate interior compartments are decked out with a padded laptop space, large zip pocket and slots for a wallet, pens and 2 credit cards, whilst an exterior zipped pocket is handy for storing small essentials.

Jekyll & Hide Berlin Leather Four-Wheel RFID Business Trolley

Berlin Leather Four-Wheel RFID Business Trolley in Brown, £539.10, Jekyll & Hide

Cabin travel, old-school style, with this exquisite Berlin Leather Business Trolley. Whether you’re travelling business or pleasure, the tobacco-hued vintage style suitcase is sure to delight travellers of the retro persuasion.

Expertly handcrafted from only the finest leather, the Berlin makes you feel as though you are living in a vintage travel poster.

But RFID panelling, laptop section and a shirt and laundry bag says otherwise and indicates this vintage leather suitcase is in fact incredibly modern and functional. With its neat 47cm dimensions, the Berlin is perfectly sized for effortless travel and adds a dash of nostalgic magic to any journey.

There’s no need to build a time machine, you can recreate the glamour of old-fashioned travel with a modern-day vintage style suitcase from Global Luggage. Browse all of the retro-inspired Bric’s collection and the authentically handcrafted Jekyll & Hide range.